Blood Bowl 2 asks for a do-over


Ok, so congrats to everybody who made the playoffs! And to those that didn’t but tried. Specially to The Aristocrats, who had a really good run this second half.

Half of the teams on the playoffs are forum members. I call that a success.

Also, since we are in playoff season, WE ARE STARTING TO PLAN THE NEXT SEASON. And we are looking for new players.

  • Starting in September (hopefully).
  • One match per week (although there are delays and averages to 1.5 weeks per round or so).
  • Laid back on the organization but competitive on the field.
  • New teams. League is long enough to develop them. Just ask our current Wood Elf player and his damn one turn scorer.
  • No time zone limitations. We are actually doing pretty well for such a disparity in player location.

If anybody here wants to join, we have about a month to figure things out, so reply to this thread or PM me! Or if you know somebody who might be interested. We are a welcoming bunch.

Current players, check your email and reply to the league mailing list instead.

If we get too many players we’ll divide the league in conferences by time zone, so no fear of getting too many people.

For whoever might be having doubts. This is about the best MP game I have ever played, specially in a closed league setting like this.


Just to add to it. I came in mid season with no real hope of making the playoffs but had a blast playing once a week! Many thanks for organizing and keeping things running! As for me count me in!


Also if you haven’t picked it up yet, the Legendary edition is on sale this weekend for $17.99 on Steam. That is the base game and all the dlc. Pinging @legowarrior and @BrianRubin since they both want the game.


Yeah, that’s a great deal for people on the fence. While the game was rough at launch, now it’s as good a version of the Living Rulebook as you can get. Really good UI to help learn the game, too, which is amazing given how bad the BB1 UI was.


And it’s decent in single player?


I have no idea. I have not played a single player match ever.


This would be my question too. I bought the first one and the AI was poor enough that it didn’t even give me a challenge, which is quite the achievement.


Yeah, my schedule is such that playing with others is untenable usually.


I never touched the single players, but i can say the multiplayer its lots of fun.


I’ve put a bit of time into the single player of both blood bowl 1&2 and while the ai has improved I wouldn’t recommend it solely for that. Single player is very much tacked on and it’s very clear they’ve made it as a multi player game. I got the base game in a steam sale for about £5 though so can’t complain.

The open leagues seem full of people looking to casualty farm with chaos/khemri/dwarf teams which had put me off doing my toe in.

A closed qt3 league would be great but I’d be nervous about meeting my commitments due to the 4month old dictator we’ve just acquired!


Mine is 5 months old, but I’m managing :P


Ah well, thanks for the input.


I’m on the fence. If I grab it, I won’t be able to play or do anything with it until next Sunday.

I would be interested in joining in the league though.



When you feel like it make a new team and PM me your details (team name, coach name, reel world name and email address).

Again, planning to start on September, so there’s time.


I picked up BB2 on sale. Might consider joining the league. Helped organize the original qt3 leagues, but haven’t played for a looong time now, because it’s hard to find 1.5 hours that one can be uninterrupted. I assume the MP game still requires uninterrupted play (i.e., no possibility to pause and step aside for a few minutes if the wife/kids call?)


Yep, its the exactly the same as the first one, without all the game breaking bugs.


OK, this thread sucked me into buying into the sale (including all DLC).

Unfortunately the Mac port it terrible (at least on my hardware). Trying to get the graphics settings I wanted was a nightmare; I could change resolution and then the game - restarted in the new resolution - stopped responding to clicks on any UI element. Whatever state I left the “fullscreen” checkbox in, it ran in fullscreen anyway. I had to delete the settings folder twice just to get to a point where I could restart the game in a state where I could access the settings dialogs. So I’ve been forced to refund it.

Shame, I really enjoyed the forum leagues we ran for BB1. Life was easy then, before I resigned from the PC master race.

I wonder if there’ll ever be another IOS port. That really worked for me.


I’m playing on Windows, but it wouldn’t surprise me the port is terrible given the developer and publisher. While the UI design is good and the game has few gameplay bugs, rechnically it’s wonky on Windows too, and has pretty high requirements for the graphics, and i can’t see how if they are using a wrapper it could be a mess.


So, I’ve got the game, so I guess I’m in for the tournament!


Sure. Me and my horrendously inefficient, but fun Goblin team will sign up.