Blood on the Clocktower Game 3 (Complete)

Another county heard from!

Sorry if I missed this info somewhere, but how are the characters chosen (ie. were they drawn clockwise starting from a particular player? Were allegiances drawn first, and then the character? How does something like the Baron work, is there any information we can glean based on Baron + player order?)

Nope, the storyteller chooses, and might choose to confuse.

The narrator has control over a lot of that, but you can imagine that it’s effectively:

  • 7 townsfolk, 1 outsider, 2 minions, 1 imp chosen at random from available options
  • if one of the minions is the baron, 2 townsfolk are replaced with 2 randomly chosen outsiders
  • each character is now assigned at random to players
  • begin first night in the order listed in the document in the OP: imp learns who the minions are (but not which minions they are), minions learn who the other minion and the imp are, poisoner chooses someone to poison, etc

Ah got it, thanks!

So, now I’m supposed to say my role again? pfft (j/k)
Outsider here, probably keep to myself for a while.

Townsperson here, I’ll share some insights once everyone has chimed in.

I’m not sure what the point is of outsiders keeping their roles secrets. If you’re the saint, we need to know. If you’re the recluse, it’s helpful for excluding info (like scott’s).

Well there it is. Either one of us is lying, or scott is telling the truth. Perhaps by accident then.

Well, if you are the Saint you want the Demon to kill you. That’s pretty much all I can see.

Only triggers if we execute the saint, not demon kill.

Yeah, seems like Recluses and Butlers should be ready to declare themselves to try and avoid confusion from their appearance / behavior. Drunks can’t, of course, and perhaps Saints should not.

Edit: or maybe Saints should to prevent execution?

If you are the butler you may want to not tip off evil, so they neuter your vote

If you are the recluse you might wish to see what other roles people see before.

Matt whispers to Scott.

If you’re executed (hanged/thrown through the window/…), your team (the Saint’s, i.e. Good) loses.


Scott replies to Matt.

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