Bomber Crew - FTL + WWII


That book is more expensive than both my computers!


There are free versions out there. I got it free for my Kindle app on my iPhone.


It just blows me away that an aircraft made in the early 60s still looks like it comes from the future.


Wait until you see the Aurora. Wait. What did I just say? No. No such lweragfibskdvngn

Transmission Ends


Air speed check story for those that haven’t heard it.


So one thing Bomber Crew got me to do was buy this:

Gonna try out B-17: The Mighty Eighth again…


Just wanted to share this … and also mention that Dingus Murawski got me the “Double Qualified” achievement by being my first crewmember to max out two skills: Gunnery and First Aid.


If I may ask, how much did you pay for that book?


Holy… yeah, I’m just going to hope the answer is less than $450.


Scroll up. There are .pdfs of it online.


Thanks. But all I saw was the Amazon link.


This is 50% off in steam right now, know where Tom landed on this one, where did the hive mind land?

Worth a shot for a mere $7.50 or not?


I enjoy it a lot, and I think it’s been generally well-received here. The DLC (should you be interested) adds a second set of missions which run along side the normal ones but advance independently.

Considerations in gameplay, should you buy it:

  • unless you cheat (exiting the game before it autosaves), you’re gonna lose crew and occasionally planes
  • you’ll get to the point where weight is far more important than cash
  • you get a partial refund on previous upgrades when boosting them more
  • each member of your crew will have the opportunity to learn a second skill
  • one of the big decisions is where to strike the balance between foot speed and protection for crew gear
  • assuming your aim is on, one bomb will destroy one target


Well worth a purchase, there’s easily 20 hours in there I think, at least there was for me. It’s a game that really punishes you for losing crew, is the one piece of advice I’d give you. Don’t be afraid to grind upgrades before you advance the main story, it’s easy to get in over your head if you rush the story line.


Thanks for the replies gents!

I’ll likely pick this one up then, sounds like it’ll be hard not to find way more than 7 bucks worth of enjoyment, even if you occasionally run into some set backs along the way. ;)


Where did Tom land? I didn’t see a review from him on this?


Made his illustrious top 10 overrated 2017:

Despite that I figured 7 bucks was worth the risk. However, i never did end up playing more than a couple missions so he may of been right, haha. I need to get back to it at some point and decide for myself, I got distracted first by rimworld and now by battletech.

Such as it goes…


Just saw this post so sorry for the thread necro and going off topic. This is one of the games that two friends and I designed for Avalon Hill when they first started publishing computer games back in the 80’s. We also did other wargames for them including Midway Campaign, North Atlantic Convoy Raider, Close Assault, and a few non-wargame titles including Planet Miners and Empire of the Overmind. Just a bit of nostalgia from 30+ years ago.


You were responsible for much of my childhood leisure time activities, sir! And I thank you profusely.


I loved B1, so thank you. And I am sorry for pirating it. I didn’t know any better back then (nor did I have any money).