Bomber Crew - FTL + WWII


That book is more expensive than both my computers!


There are free versions out there. I got it free for my Kindle app on my iPhone.


It just blows me away that an aircraft made in the early 60s still looks like it comes from the future.


Wait until you see the Aurora. Wait. What did I just say? No. No such lweragfibskdvngn

Transmission Ends


Air speed check story for those that haven’t heard it.


So one thing Bomber Crew got me to do was buy this:

Gonna try out B-17: The Mighty Eighth again…


Just wanted to share this … and also mention that Dingus Murawski got me the “Double Qualified” achievement by being my first crewmember to max out two skills: Gunnery and First Aid.


If I may ask, how much did you pay for that book?


Holy… yeah, I’m just going to hope the answer is less than $450.


Scroll up. There are .pdfs of it online.


Thanks. But all I saw was the Amazon link.