Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


I found the answer to your question about the Kree last night in the Marvel wiki, and posted it above.

“The original Kree had blue-colored skin, but a second racial group with pink skin resembling that of human Caucasians emerged over the millennia. The blue-skinned “purebred” Kree have become a small, but powerful, minority. Pink Kree are much more durable than their blue racial brethren.”

As for Ronin’s comment - he could have been saying that to simply save face while beating a hasty retreat or it’s possible he did spend time trying to capture her in the years between this film and the end of Guardians. I don’t think we’ll ever see a sequel detailing her adventures in space over the last 20-30 years, but it’s reasonable to assume that wasn’t the last she saw of Ronin the Accuser.


There’s about 20 years between those 2 movies, still room for a sequel…


Review bombers fail once again.


Yeah, the 10am showing was freaking packed full at the 12 screen theater we went to Saturday morning. And we braved slush/freezing rain and flood conditions to get there. So did everyone else I guess, because the display outside all the screens showing Captain Marvel were completely assigned - no free seats. Just incredible.


It’s a good time at the movies. It’s not a huge revelation, but then, after roughly all the hours that Marvel has already put out, not much can be a revelation, can it? But it’s fun, it’s very entertaining, strangely enough having a female lead is okay, it zigs several times when you think it’s gonna zag, although a few of those zigs people with comics history will be able to guess, others not so much.

Go see it if you like Marvel movies.


LOL you may want to clarify this … :)


I meant it as obvious sarcasm. I know it’s the internet, but still…

Also apparently this is the highest female led opener ever. Which, yay, but also, for real?


It was obvious to me, but sarcasm doesn’t track in text so it’s easy to mis-read, especially in the middle of a sentence that otherwise isn’t full of sarcastic statements.

I’m glad the movie is doing well. The guy that does the awful Quartering videos on YouTube has posted like 5 anti-Captain Marvel videos and holy shit are his followers toxic as fuck. He’s saying Disney and a bunch of other corporations, like Facebook and YouTube, are deleting negative reviews.


I’m curious to see the big action sequence in Endgame with heavy hitters like Hulk, Thor and now Captain Marvel going at him, how they’ll choreograph that–if they will–very differently than IW with its relatively weaker team fighting him on his home planet. I demand a double-fisted photon blast to Grimace’s face!


Something I need to remark upon, not so much about the movie, but about the tech, I’m seeing GotG 2 on Netflix right now, the anti aging tech is improving by leaps and bounds, I barely noticed it in this movie, just totally forgot about it…


Also, I loved the Stan Lee stuff.


Just got back from seeing it with the family.

I’d put it dead-center in the middle of the pack of Marvel movies, personally. The plot was too predictable and the story beats were just too familiar. The last act was kind of a blur of CGI, and while I didn’t have much of a problem keeping track of what was happening… I just find that there is zero tension/suspense in having non-stop explosions and energy blasts that I know aren’t going to hurt anyone physically or emotionally.

Those quibbles aside, it was a fun, well-written film that I’d recommend seeing in the theater. The only tickets that we could get were to the 3D showing (which I avoid if I can), but I have to say that the first-act action sequence looked REALLY good in 3D.

I thought that the Larson/Jackson pairing worked extremely well as a buddy/action thing, and I liked most all of the supporting characters’ performances, to include Annette Benning. Goose the cat was lots of fun, and I really liked Nick Fury’s ret-conned “origin story”.


I like how mega-companies are now using these troll-campaigns as reverse-advertising and that journalists are playing their part in it.
Not that I support stupid troll campaigns or deny that they can be a problem but I also feel like nowadays any valid criticism is thrown into the same category and that anything gets thrown into the troll bin.
It of course doesn’t help that an average movie (and imo Captain Marvel is just that, just like the performance by Brie Larson) can’t be an average movie anymore, it either has to be the best or worst thing ever and it is kind of cringy when people get so defensive about a movie like this. It’s really not the hill you want to die on if you are really serious about important issues.


You’re probably right. It just seemed like it might be better to actually have a villain that could continue with that remark. If they reference it in anyway in End Game, that could work. If they do a sequel and it’s before Infinity and End Game, that would be odd. I’m already questioning how much interest I will have left after End Game

Ugh. I wish they would have put some of that in the movie, especially since they implied what sound like a assimilation with that empire.


So it turns out that going to the movies with a mild concussion is not a good idea and coloured my initial impression of this.

I went again with my kids over the weekend and enjoyed it a lot more. But my earlier criticisms still stand.


To be fair. They had blue and pink skinned kree in most scenes of the city so it shouldn’t have been that big of a deal.


I see what you did there.


I am pretty sure they did not show that when first introduced them which was not in this movie, and then they introduced the entire plot point which was the underlying reason everything happened which implied a different relationship with multiple races.


Fair point they could have had a pink one in Guardians. I’ve read a lot of the comics so I guess it came as no surprise to me and I just expect everyone to be as caught up on the back story as me ;-)


Yeah I don’t read comics, and not a lot of Wiki either when it comes to non-historical stuff. I’ll look up a few things like many of the end credit scenes show you something that means nothing to non-comic readers… (Adam) and well her logo, but beyond that, I often go in mostly blind.

For example, It seemed weird to me that Thor just kind of knew about spaceships, like at all because they never show his people using them yet he just sort of hops right in.