Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


Well the old Arthur C Clarke quote ’ Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ is probably worth keeping in mind when talking about the Asgardians, but thats not obvious until several movies have gone by.

Actually I have some vague memory that Thor and Jane talk about this in the first Thor movie but I was probably distracted by Natalie Portman being deployed to make puppy dog eyes.


There are Asgardian spaceships in Thor 2, but it’s understandable if one kinda forgets about the movie, it is very forgettable… And Asgardian spaceships look like boats. :D


I believe you. I remember very little from the earlier Thor movies. I liked neither. Captain Marvel might be mid pack for Marvel Movies, although higher if you like lighter humor, but she is in the top tier for Origin Stories as far as I am concerned.


Hmm been thinking about this since you asked

I can’t separate the first four:

  • Captain America: the First Avenger / Black Panther / Avengers / Avengers Infinity War
  • Captain America Winter Soldier
  • Ant Man
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Captain America Civil War
  • Doctor Strange
  • Ant-man and the Wasp
  • Thor Rangnarok
  • Spiderman Homecoming
  • Thor
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron

I didn’t like any of the Iron Man movies, Guardians 2 was meh and I don’t acknowledge the Hulk movies. RDJ is Iron Man though.

Captain Marvel is in the Guardians / Civil War range for me.


Mrs. Kub and I saw this last night and really enjoyed it.

After the movie I couldn’t help thinking of the Mikaela Shiffrin Olympic promo


That sounds quite good actually! I’m surprised that you rate the original Captain America so highly though - I always bunched Captain America 1 / Thor 1+2 / Iron Man 3 as the weakest MCU movies.


Cap 1 & 2 and Avengers 1 are still my absolute favorites from the entire franchise. The early Thors are down with Civil War and GotG 2 as the weakest for me. Ragnarok is fantastic, though.


I seem to be on an island of one about Captain America. It’s the comic come to life and Chris Evan’s clearly establishes the character that endures across the rest of the movies.

I love Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull.

But at any rate I shouldn’t derail another Captains thread.


You are decidedly not.

I’m not sure it’s top 5 Marvel at this point, but it’s certainly upper echelon for me.

My unpopular opinion is that Thor 2 is far superior to Thor 1. Thor 1 is plain boring. Thor Ragnarok is the best by a wide margin.


Just saw Captain Marvel, and this seems like a fantastic fit with the rest of the films. Frankly, it makes me look forward to End Game much more than Infinity War (which I enjoyed, but didn’t totally love).

I really got a kick out of the setting, the references to a couple non-Marvel movies (The Right Stuff and Top Gun), and the hilarity of the awful tech.

I think I can understand where some people may not have seen it as a great film in that it doesn’t really stand alone from the other Marvel films but rather becomes the glue which seems to connect the disparate threads. For me, it does it well without seeming like it’s reaching. But after films like Solo which did a poor job by trying to cram every random reference they could, some people may be more worn out by that kind of connecting.

Two. I absolutely loved it, as well. Edit - oops, three. Getting close to the dozens.gif ;)

PS - for the budget-conscious, 3D added a bit to the enjoyment, but didn’t seem overly needed


What other movie would a pilot pick up. It was a lovely touch.

The first two people she passes once exiting the train and Kelly Sue Donnick and Jamie McKelvie the writer and artist that relaunched CM in her present comic form.


I caught Captain Marvel this morning. It was ok!

Best parts:

  • the ultra advanced AI with the Elizabeth Warren avatar
  • the roomful of future-tech aliens waiting on the CD to load
  • unexpected chemistry of the Krull leader (Talos?) with everyone

Worst parts

  • how everything slowed to a crawl once they reached Earth. The train scene seemed like a giant slow down (as much as a chase/fight scene can be), and the story seemed to go into and out of bogs on a regular basis up until the final space station fight.

Medium parts

  • I liked the cat, but thought it was some very easy humor
  • I kind of felt bad for the crew of the cruiser she decided to destroy as a demonstration. Now that I think about it, I also feel bad for the crew of the Scrull cruiser that she destroyed on her first break out
  • I wish people had worried more about the god-level super hero that has just crashed onto the scene. Batman v Superman, Legion, Invitation to a Beheading; these all try at least a little bit to grapple with how to possibly to respond to such a powerful creature.

In summary I give it 3/5 WWs (Wonder Womans).


I’m hoping the introduction of the Skrulls presages a return of the Fantastic Four to the MCU.


Took my 14 year old and her friend and they both enjoyed it. So my stock is high with her, today, and that’s all you’ll get from me.


Perhaps [spoiler] some of that? People might peek into the thread who haven’t yet watched the movie.


Sorry about that.


Watched this movie 2 days ago and quite enjoyed it. Didn’t blow me away and I’m still trying to figure out what was lacking for me…

Perhaps like someone mentioned the direction / music was fine, but not creative enough and that the emotional highs didn’t reach “punch the air” levels? (which they are clearly meant to)

Didn’t realize at all that we had seen this race before and only vaguely felt that Djimon Hounsou looked familiar. Reading up a bit I realize that there was a connection between the aliens in Guardians and the aliens here! (Though I did pick up on Ronan being around, but didn’t realize he’s supposed to be the same race as Jude Law & co. The whole blue / pink thing really threw me.)

Anyway… One a completely different note, the penny just dropped that this is might be the first origin story that gets by without a romance storyline? (not even an ex like in Black Panther or Doc Strange)
Normally you’d have the fish out of water tale combined with discovery of romance with the first person they meet / banter with (in this case Nick Fury) - eg Wonder Woman / Thor. Or I guess it would have been easy to shoehorn in something with Jude Laws character that would have made the betrayal hit harder, but I’m glad they didn’t go there. So kudos to the film makers for avoiding this trope!


You could argue that maybe Carol and Maria are a couple


And another thing… Is there just an algorithm that decides what google shows in their searches or did some man-babys hack them? Seems odd that a fake poster would show up on the front page search results…