Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


I was going to invoke @ChristienMurawski but you be you!


I think you must have a Starz subscription. It shows up as $9.99 for me on Amazon with just Prime.


Oh yeah, we do have Starz through Prime. My wife did that to me!


On the space travel,

In Guardians they have jump points that they have to travel to, presumably one in each system, so space travel is not instantaneous. It’s like mass relays in Mass Effect. The “Lightspeed Drive” is the Space stone, which has been shown to create portals to anywhere at will.

It’s also been shown that any given Infinity Stone has a massive raw energy potential which can be used for general purpose things, like creating weapons (Hydra/SHIELD laser guns) or super heroes (Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver, Vision, Capt. Marvel)


I think you might be onto something.


Yeah, sorta… except for Guardians 2 when…

They chained like 800 or so together with no travel-time between them – just one, long, racoon-warping jump.

Meh. I’m not one of those guys who is going to spend hours arguing over the finer points of the “Kessel Run” wording.

You know,

I had forgotten about the Scarlet Witch and her brother owing their powers to the mind-stone. I guess because I’m so used to thinking of her as a Magneto-spawn.

I guess that it would also be an open question as to whether Wanda still has her powers now that Thanos has/had the mind-stone.


I think they left things pretty unambiguous with Wanda.


Ok time to talk about the mid credits thing that happened.

Anyone else think its either a feint or is going to happen later in Endgame? ie Endgame is not going to open with Carol at the Avengers surely.


It was definitely footage shot for Endgame, not a cameo by the rest of the Avengers in footage shot for Captain Marvel. And given that it was (obviously) included in Captain Marvel, seems like almost 0% chance of the scene being cut out of the final version of Endgame.

As to where it goes, I seriously doubt the movie will open with this shot, but it does seem likely it will happen fairly early in the film. They’re still tracking casualties, Mr. Captain hasn’t shaved yet, and Tony’s nowhere to be seen, so presumably still in space. Still, some time must have passed for someone to have found the pager and rigged up the batteries.

I’m guessing she shows up early, ready to kick some ass, but there’s nothing to punch or energy-blast that will help the situation until the second or third act when plans are actually in motion. An early arrival from Captain Marvel hardly means their problems are solved.

But then, yeah, who knows, time travel or whatever.


One thing I hope doesn’t happen is that Goose suddenly wanders into the Avengers facility. S/he/it’s still very clearly on earth and there has been plenty of movies since the 1990’s to cover where s/he/it might have been.

With that said it would allow for this:

Which is kinda one of my most favourite things ever.


OMG I hadnt realised the the Fonz lunchbox was the same as the one in Pulp fiction.

Way to go Disney that’s quite smart.



There are dozens of us! But this is the correct answer none-the-less.

Liked Captain Marvel. Larson is great, and I look forward to her in more MCU movies - a great addition for Endgame. I see her and Cap being best buds. The movie itself was… ‘simple’? Maybe predictable. And some of that might be because it is YAOS (yet another origin story). However, as I knew nothing of her, Kree, Skrulls, etc., going in it was worthwhile.


I really like all the Thor movies. I still get caught up in them when they’re on TV. Big, dopey Hemsworth Thor in the first one is just really entertaining. There are the seeds of what they did in the third one in that film and if you don’t have that one, I don’t think the third one works as well as it does because you can totally believe he’s that much fun then. The second one is his Empire Strikes Back, and I really dig that one, too.

It’s all about your buy-in with Thor as a character IMO. The books were goofy fun, and the movies really capture that as far as I’m concerned. The way they make technology seem like magic is pretty amazing too.


For me, the moment he declared his love of coffee by smashing the coffee cup, I was all in.


-Okay. No more smashing. Deal?
-You have my word.


I saw Captain Marvel last night. One of the biggest questions I had after the movie wasn’t about what happened to Carol in the intervening time but what happened to Fury. How did a middle-aged corduroy-and-turtleneck-wearing government flunky turn into the bad motherfucker we saw in Iron Man in 12 years? That’s a strange time of life to reinvent your whole sense of personality.


It’s worse if you watch Winter Soldier just before this. There’s a scene with Redford in which he gives Cap a photo of him and Fury from back in the day, and it’s modern Fury (bald, badass goatee, Shaft jacket) but with both eyes.


Confirmation that aliens and superpowered beings exist will do that to ya.


Yeah they have some inconsistencies but for as long as they have been going, mostly pretty good there. I liked 90s Fury a lot, combine that with kick-ass Fury… just want more.


It was a costume party and he went as Shaft. Robert Redford’s character went as Robert Redford.