Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


Ms. Marvel!


Certainly, I just meant within the context of translating existing comic designs to the screen.


I am 100% on board for a Kamala Khan Ms Marvel movie.





Somebody remind me (i.e. I am too lazy to look it up). Do all Skrulls have shapechange ability, or just SuperSkrulls? Or is it that SuperSkrulls also take on the ability of who they change in to?


All Skrulls can shapeshift. As you noted, the distinction with Super-Skrulls is that they can imitate powers/abilities as well.


Mohawk helmet confirmed!


Fuck yes. Fuck. Yes.




It really looks great. Love her punching Grandma Skrull.


Fantastic trailer. I’m super stoked!


Here is my fan theory for the film. Most people will say Jude Law is going to be a skrull, but what if Captain Marvel is for a good portion of the film. You learn her story and watch her fight only to find out shes not the real Captain Marvel. Then the last 3rd act is the real her dealing with skrull.


dat mohawk


Meh, I thought it looked pretty bad.

Probably doesn’t help that I had never even heard of this hero until looked up wtf was going on in the Avenger’s after-credits scene.


You thought it looked bad? I mean, I can see someone not finding the subject matter of interest, but outright bad? Interesting.


Hopefully Flerken confirmed. For the guardians team up at some point


which big movie, show or con is today? ;)


That must be a trailer for the fans of the comic, because I didn’t find it interesting at all. I got about halfway through before I started watching the clock.


I showed this to my kids last night and they have been watching it non-stop on a loop, as kids do. I asked why and they said they like to see her punch the old lady.


Hell yea.