Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


So they finally gave a bit of context of her hitting the grandma in the last trailer… which is that the grandma then attacked Captain Marvel in self defense. That totally justified her “warrior-hero” tag. I am just being a bit facetious.


Looks as good or bad as any other Marvel film I’ve seen trailers for.


I love Brie Larson, but totally agree she seems miscast.
She doesn’t have the steely warror mettle of Charlize Theron, Sigourney Weaver, or even Holly Hunter’s Elastigirl.


Agreed, this looks super fun. I guess I’d have to re watch it to get a sense for what folks mean about the lines not …landing? I didn’t pick up anything like that on the first view, and I thought some of Brie Larson (is that right?)'s scenes were spot on.


I love that they stayed so comic-accurate with the costume.

I like Brie Larson a lot and don’t share anyone’s concerns about her casting.

But as trailers, so far these are just fine. Nothing to worry me, but nothing to set them apart from any other trailer.


I guess I’m just easy to please, I really enjoyed the trailer and am looking forward to the film.


Put me in the Bree Larson sucks crowd. It seems like they really limited her dialogue, and Sam Jackson is the star of this movie. But, I’ve been wrong before. I trust Marvel.


All I know is that if that cat doesn’t claw Samuel Jackson’s eye out in the movie Captain Marvel will be deemed a horrific failure. By me at least.


I tend to agree that she certainly looks the part but her delivery on some of those lines is suspect.


Yeah. She’s lacking the delivery that her visual indicates, but that might just be those specific lines. It’s a trailer. They probably put more emphasis on viusal appeal than anything else.


A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a lecture by Maj. Heather “Lucky” Penney (ret.). (Lucky Penny, get it?) She was one of America’s first female Air Force fighter pilots in the '90s, and served two tours in Iraq. She spoke about some of her interesting experiences, including the time in September 2001 where they sent her and her CO/wingman to take down any hijacked airliners they came across — even though they didn’t have time to arm their fighters first. She also had to deal with the expected chauvinism in the service in the period; for instance, one of her superiors once sneeringly informed her that he wouldn’t let any girls fly any of his planes. But she persevered, had a fighter pilot career, and life went on. She eventually found herself in a position where she had to choose between her breadwinning career at Lockheed, flying enough hours as a reservist to retain combat pilot status, and being a good single mom to her two daughters. So the planes she flies now are much less deadly than the jets she used to fly.

Captain Marvel, obviously, is not the Major Penney story. However, there aren’t many U.S. women fighter pilots now, never mind in the '90s. Especially blondes. I think that the Carol Danvers that I imagine this movie needs can’t help but share many of Penney’s qualities. First, to adore flying, the faster and more powerful, the better. Second, to serve her people by putting herself in harm’s way. Third, to overcome obstacles both deadly and petty with an air of elan, esprit, equanimity, and et cetera.

And on top of that, she shoots aliens with finger-rays. Marvel’s a character that also shares some similarities with Captain America. They are patriotic, powerful, professional, overcoming some “disability” – as if being scrawny or a girl in a man’s world was a disability – before getting that special edge that amplifies their qualities that were there all along.

I thought Brie Larson was terrific in Short Term 12 and pretty great in her villain/musician role in Scott Pilgrim. I expect great things from the premise of this character, and I hope that the movie can support it. But I have faith that any shortcomings will not come from Brie.

Writer-wise, I’m excited to see more work from Nicole Perlman, one of the credited writers who wrote the first Guardians of the Galaxy screenplay… though I guess we’ll see how dependent we all were on James Gunn that made that a great movie. And while the two writer-directors (Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck) with chief joint writer-director credit did a pretty good job with that movie with Ryan Gosling as a crackhead high school teacher, they are untested when it comes to movies where characters fly, throw baddies through walls, and crackle with energy.

Anyway, it’s Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck I’m not sold on yet, but I thought the trailer looks good and I’m excited to see this character on the screen. With luck, they will lightly massage my sense of '90s nostalgia and not be all up in my face like they are all that and a bag of chips. And I hope the end result is something that Heather Penney would like to watch.


I’m kind of surprised to see people down on Brie Larson. She’s always been “good” or better in everything I’ve seen her in.


I think the only thing i’ve seen her in is Kong Island. She did not make that movie better. But… my expectations of the Marvel movie were initially low. The fact that are higher now is due to all the work they’ve put into the universe, so I can still have faith but express concerns.


I can’t remember the last time I watched a Marvel trailer and thought the line delivery was not so good. It was jarring to me. Hopefully it’s out of context preview stuff and not some inherent problem in the film.


The new trailer looks super cool!

I still wonder if the character has enough cachet with the general public to draw a huge audience. But the MCU seems to run on rails so it will no doubt be ok.

I will be interested to see how they walk around the ‘where has Carol been for 20 years’ part of the story to get her to A4.

The cats name canonically is Chewie. But appears to be Goose in the trailer.


The history of the MCU has been Marvel scraping the bottom of the barrel for B-list super-heroes nobody else wanted to license. Captain Marvel will fit right in with that crowd.


A lot of folks wondered this same thing about the Guardians as well.


At least for myself, a guy who knew nothing about the Guardians of the Galaxy and knows nothing now about Captain Marvel, the GOTG trailer was way more hook-y. Seeing Chris Pratt go all Han Solo to that cool 70s soundtrack, and then the wisecracking raccoon guy and weird tree thing, yeah I had to get in on that action. This just looks like more bog standard superhero stuff with I guess a little spacey stuff sprinkled in.


All of what you said D^3.

And you know what? It delivered exactly what I hoped. If this delivers exactly what the trailer promises this will be firmly B tier.


I liked it more the 2nd time I watched it, but I still can’t get over Brie Larson. Carol Danvers in the comics is a smart ass hot shot asskicker. This Captain Marvel seems super emo. Maybe it’s the memory loss thing…