Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


I liked it more too the second time. I think it’s just not their best effort at a trailer and they’re also trying to hide a lot of stuff. For example Ronan is in there, but just briefly from the back.

I think I’m also probably a bit more excited than some because I’ve watched all of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and knowing Coulson is in this has me really excited to see if they’re willing to tie it all together even more. I expect easter eggs @WhollySchmidt and @Scott_Lufkin! I mean, we might even find out where that Kree body came from!


I thought the idea of a raccoon wielding a gun in space was one of the stupidest ideas I’d heard in a long time. Who the hell are these Guardians anyway and why is she green. Is this some old ass comic book where all the aliens are green again? Haha… and that movie was awesome.


Looks awesome.


This. Not just the Guardians, but Iron Man. Thor. Dr. Strange. All of them. Total B-list heroes, but their treatment of them shines through. Captain Marvel is right there with them.


Wouldn’t B-list be just below the top of the barrel?

Besides which, once you get past Spiderman and the X-Men, Marvel’s current lineup is pretty much all B-list as far as the non comic reading public is concerned. The Hulk is kind of up there, but as both the Hulk movies demonstrated, he works better as a supporting character.


Well, they only invented that costume since the movies have been in production, because her comic-accurate costume for the past 40 years would have some translation problems, to say the least.


I bet we’ll see Binary in Infinity War 2. Captain Marvel going full super saiyan.


The costume debuted in 2012 with the change of her title to Captain Marvel. Obviously six years is nothing in the comic timeline, and the MCU was already up to The Avengers at that point, but it’s far enough back I don’t think it was an obvious move just to give her a movie-friendly costume. I think it was just a normal update to the character—a character that had already been through a lot of dramatic redesigns and retcons. Jamie McKelvie did the redesign and I really like his style, so I’ve been a big fan of the look since then—from the color scheme to the mohawk helmet—and I’m glad it wasn’t drastically redesigned for the film.

I’m not sure if you were actually disagreeing with me or not, just clarifying that I’m happy the movie included the elements I enjoy from the current comic design.



I think an under rated part of the trailer is that Fury is cat person.


“It has been a challenging mating season for Cat Person.”


This movie doesn’t excite me too much…but I’ve downloaded that trailer song and played it probably 40 times the last few days…very moving.


Brie Larson’s voice doesn’t seem to have a lot of depth/volume IMO. Not sure how it will affect the movie…

This is also really the only Marvel movie I’m interested in, besides Ant Man 2 (due to Evangeline Lilly).


I too am ambivalent about Larson’s presence in the trailer. On the other hand, I was unsure about news of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, so clearly I know nothing.


I thought Chris Evans looked silly when I saw the first set pic snapped of him in costume during filming of the first Cap movie.


Well… I don’t think the first movie was that good, an easy pass even. He grew to coolness as a member of a team though.


New Trailer. Hype level increasing


Got our tickets for opening weekend! Yay!


Yikes! Sad to say, but I think Brie Larsen’s terribly miscast in this, she looks wooden and uninterested.

Also, I’m getting Green Lantern vibes. Incomprehensible alien shenanigans just doesn’t go down too well with the general public - not unless it’s handled exceptionally well, and with a light touch, like James Gunn did with Guardians. But this looks like it’s more serious - I can sense a lot of exposition incoming.

On the bright side, that photon blast looks excellent.

Let’s hope I’m wrong, but I’m thinking this could be Marvel’s first big flop.


I like Larson’s casting here because her portrayal in the trailers so far has a valley girl/airheaded blonde vibe going for it, and it’s a nice break from a lot of the other Avengers.