Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!


I watched the General and Steamboat Bill about a year ago. So true that much of the humor still totally plays, and the physical performances by Buster Keaton are sometimes astounding–and astoundingly dangerous!

In what movie would you see this, if you were 20 minutes and 20 seconds in?


Star Trek Into Darkness?

EDIT: Wait that’s not Simon Pegg. :(


Dr. Strange?


Sherlock Holmes (2009)?


The Golden Compass?





That looks like Jude Law in the background. I’ll go with Sherlock Holmes.


It is Jude Law! Because the movie is HUGO! Good grab, Christien!

Was kinda looking forward to using this 40:40:

60:60 would have given it away:

Really like this 100:100:


The most gorgeous terrible film I have ever fallen asleep to (in a theater).


Well at least I recognized the dude.


Interestingly enough, that’s the look on my face during pretty much every movie Chloe Grace Moretz has done since Kick-Ass.



Hick is interesting at least…and some of Laggies was okay.

It’s amazing how far a few precocious “fucks” can take you.


I’d say I’ve been on those dates, but I’m not sure I’m legally allowed to make that joke.


Sure, but imagine those movies without Blake Lively and Kiera Knightly. See? :)

Also, enjoy this scene – which apparently didn’t live up to the standards for Neighbors 2 – in which Chloe Grace Moretz tries her hand at Seth Rogan-esque comedy.


“Dey-yuck. Dawng. Cock n’ baoys. Panis.”


The new twenty:




70s-style color. A shower head.

It could only be Porky’s.


Gorky Park?


I love this guess. I’m hearing Harry Connick Jr. singing it in my head, right now.

Wow. What a fascinating guess, Chris. But no.





I’m gonna guess that creepy shower scene in Dressed To Kill.