Congresswoman Bachman calls for a return to McCarthyism

If people keep trying to defend her I’m going to get out my whackin’ stick.

Sigh. It’s all Chris Matthew’s fault.

I’m ashamed to be from the same state as this woman.

Those of us in Packerland have been living with McCarthyism in bliss for the past 2 years… you all should join us!

[B]REP. BACHMANN: It’s a fair comment, because Barack Obama does have a close association with Bill Ayers.

[/B]That statement alone is enough to brand her as retard. There is no ‘close association’ except the one the Republicans are dreaming up.

Longer, the current trend really dates back to Reagan. It’s disgusting.

Longer. It dates back to Goldwater.

It came from her repeated refusal to get specific about who is Un-American, despite Chris Matthews’ excellent direct questions. She made the innuendo that all liberals were Un-American, and when Chris invited her to refute the innuendo by being specific, she demurred.

Goldwater was a fiscal/libertarian conservative who would and did violently recoil from the social conservative McCarthyites of the Republican party. We need more like him.

She’s in good company with Sarah Palin, apparently being unable to have a conversation with a reporter unassisted. Darn you, gotcha liberal media!

Enough so that liberals have largely given up on it and switched to calling themselves “progressives”.

Bill Maher on Hardball:

Chris, I just love it when you give dumb people just enough rope to hang themselves.

Fucking awesome. The Republican party abandons Bachmann.


Greenwald had an entertaining bit today on the growing pattern of usual tactics not only not working well, but actually backfiring.

Speaking of crazies.

What, no “Muslim socialist terrorist”?

Oh, I forgot that “Muslim” kinda implies that…


You know, like Christian swingers.

I was skimming the radio this afternoon and happened on her appearance on Laura Ingraham’s show. Holy crap, they were acting like it was a witchhunt. “I never said Obama was unamerican,” she claimed.


We can probably file this under “Why he’s winning, part 435.”

So Bachmann’s opponent, El Tinklenberg, now has $2.45 million with 11 days until the election ($1 million from the DCCC and $1.45 million in new donations), and a new SurveyUSA poll shows Tinklenberg up 47-44, where prior to the Hardball appearance Bachmann been heavily favored.

TPM TV has a good reel detailing how her story kept changing: