Daredevil (Netflix)


Vincent D’Onofrio returns in season 3!

Also, we have a new showrunner.


Yesssss, welcome back, Mr. Fisk.


Curious if the change of showrunner will change the tone again. Season one certainly felt different to two (which lost focus of the main character for me).


Yeah, I still liked s2 overall but “superheroes whining about being superheroes” is the single worst kind of story to tell. Some people think that the X-Men (movies) are the only possible story arc.


October 19th?!?

And is that the Avengers tower I see on the right there in the background?


Indeed it is


I don’t think the Avengers will show up of course, but I love it’s in there.

I’m more impressed (and excited - Daredevil is my favorite of the four shows) that we get this just next month already. I know they were filming late last year (around November) but so close to Iron Man season 2? Nice!


Why does everything happen in New York. Do the other US cities not get superheroes? Is there a Captain Chicago?


Steve Bartman was fated to be accidentally irradiated in a local university lab, granting him otherworldly abilities, and transforming him into the legendary hero Sonic Boom. But the World Series happened, fans demonized & bullied him, and he left the city, never to fulfill his ultimate destiny.


There’s a West Coast Avengers, but no one likes to talk about them.


I really like Daredevil but haven’t seen any IF, Luke Cage or Defenders. Watched the first season of Jessica Jones. Wonder if I’ll be able to watch s3 without being confused on meta plot.


The recent Iron Fist and Luke Cage were very clearly set before the events of the Thanos story. That image of Avenger’s Tower being absent makes me wonder if DD3 will be set after Thanos.


Wouldn’t that be something??


I suspect all Netflix shows are still in a vaguely defined pre-Thanos, post Ultron time period.

Also, Stark/Avengers haven’t used the tower in a while (officially moved out in Spider-Man Homecoming), so it’s possible it’s just a weird building now.


The Netflix shows have barely ever acknowledged they exist in the MCU. Outside of saying generic stuff like “The Event” and a background news clipping they could be anytime. Was a mistake to ever say they existed in parallel in first place.


Well, Sokovia (spelling?) Is quite prominent in this Iron Fist


Right… I’m 2 episodes into season 3 and really enjoying it so far. As always there are a few plot contrivances and other weaknesses, but it seems like a promising start!


Agreed! Bit of a slower start, but seems to be doing a good job of setting up the pieces. Return to a Fisk/Murdock focused season seems to be what the series needed. Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.


I sat down to watch one at lunch for a break, and now am six in and riveted. Got to have a break to make some dinner, but this is my favourite series of all the Netflix so far, hope it keeps it up!


Wilson Fisk has been the best villain across all the Netflix-Marvel series - just started this season and he still delivers.