Daredevil (Netflix)


These Marvel shows have almost created their own trope out of the mentally unstable stalker white guy cop turned bad guy. I guess that’s par for the course when nearly every side character in these shows plays a generic, by-the-numbers trope. And so. much. filler. My god. It’s unbearable.

But at least with Daredevil the hero & villain are both pretty great, and the action sequences continue to deliver. Can’t really say that about the other Marvel shows, except Tennant’s Killgrave.


At this point, I’m just getting too much joy in walking around the house talking like Fisk.

He could be our generation’s Shatner (except I don’t think the Fisk actor talks like that outside of playing Fisk, unlike Shatner). Such a scenery chewing affect.

[Long, overly dramatic pause.] “I’m making a saaaaaandwich. . . . This city will curse me. They spit on my name. But at the end of the day, I will be fed. Peanut butter. Leave me.”

[Proceeds to stare intensely at art, so you know I have great depths of feeling.]


Congrats, you’ve just given me an AWESOME new way to drive my gf crazy :-)


DD season 3 was crazy. I was on the edge of my seat during the fights and Wilson Bethel plays a convincing villain.

There were some good plot twists and the FBI being corrupted so easily made this season feel more realistic.


You have my axe!


With great powers of persuasion… come very deliberate… some might even say poignant… pauses in phrasing.


Finished this last night, this is the best season yet. I agree it started slow, but it was worth it. Totally redeemed Netflix/Marvel after a bunch of duds.

The problem with these shows in general is when they run out of stories from the comics to tell. The other Defenders don’t have a long publication history like Daredevil, they don’t have a big list of villains and no real integration with the larger Marvel universe.

Punisher and Daredevil are probably safe so long as Disney doesn’t pull the licenses. I don’t know why Jessica Jones was approved for season 3, season 2 was mediocre at best.


True, he doesn’t.

Sometimes he’s even more over the top!


OMG I had no idea Edger was Kingpin! That’s amazing. I also didn’t remember Tobias Funke was in that movie, either!



Finished S3. Definitely the best season of the show yet and I’d say the best of the Netflix Marvel seasons shows. They better at least renew this one for another series.


Yeah, I was disappointed by JJ season 2. Not enough action. She’s a superhero for god’s sake (albeit psychologically a reluctant one, still she functions as one), and she needs to demonstrate it more than just breaking locks to enter places and lifting cars.


Wonder if it ends up on Disney’s to-be-named service.


Wow, yeah, I gotta think that’s the future. Daredevil is quality stuff IMO.


Well, if they’re killing Daredevil, I can’t imagine we’ll see any more of Jessica Jones or Punisher than the already in-the-works seasons.


Nope, seems as if they’ll be axed as soon as they can air those episodes.


Told ya.


And it sounds like – based on a Sepinwall tweet I quoted in another thread – that all these shows, including Daredevil, are truly dead. Disney doesn’t want them.


Everything on the Disney service is supposed to be no more than PG-13, so it’s natural they wouldn’t want any of the Netflix shows in their current form.


This sucks. Damn Disney.