Daredevil (Netflix)


First time I’ve ever said this but Fuck Netflix. They have green lit a shit ton of stuff. They spend huge sums on some truly garbage stuff like the Cloverfield movie and cancel this…


Don’t blame Netflix blame Disney.


It’s not Netflix, it’s Disney with their own streaming portal.


Yep, as others have mentioned, you’re blaming the wrong corporate entertainment megalith. Disney isn’t willing to further subsidize Marvel content to air on a competitor’s platform…but neither do they want that content for their own platform.


No, it’s on Netflix. This has been gone through before. It’s not Disney cancelling these shows. Don’t know how many times it has to be said.

Netflix may not want to pay the fees anymore, or,just have anything Disney related because they will be a direct competitior soon but it still sucks a great show like Daredevil gets screwed because of it.


As I understand it, Netflix and Marvel’s TV group agreed to jointly share production and marketing costs for these series. Marvel/Disney has turned off the money taps on their side of things. Netflix – unsure of how long they’d even carry rebroadcast rights on their own shows featuring Marvel characters if Disney lawyers start to get froggy – is understandably reluctant to proceed without Marvel’s full-throated support, both financially and from a marketing/PR/future standpoint.

Netflix is not a non-profit organization.


Now that Daredevil has officially been cancelled. I have yet to watch the last season of the show, does it end on a big cliffhanger?


There are some obvious threads setting up a season 4, but otherwise no.


Man, what a pile of stinky butts.


Went out on a high note, but I’m not surprised given that Netflix didn’t do a lot of advertising upfront and just launched the season without much fanfare. I had watched the first two seasons, and yet season 3 was never prominently featured in the interface for me in any way; I also didn’t receive that one info email you usually get when a new season of something you’ve watched approaches or comes out.


I received both the email and a notification.


This is probably the end of an era. I doubt we’ll get a similarly mature and artistically developed take on superheroes any time in the near future. Disney+ will almost certainly be unwilling to associate the mouse with a mature theme, so this golden era seems truly over. Maybe Netflix can go to DC and offer to do the same thing for some of their heroes? Sux. Also, why do I have Netflix now?


DC already has their own shitty streaming platform, I’m afraid.


Hey! Its not shitty! Its only a little lame…NOT shitty LOL


At first glance I thought that said “shitty steaming” platform.


If you’re into quirky foreign stuff, Samurai Gourmet is pretty great.


Narcos and GLOW are pretty great.


It is the most great


I ask myself that every couple months. Just as I’m about to cancel something comes out that sort of interesting, so I don’t. Of course a lot of the reason I kept it was the Marvel shows… so… I’m kind of in that position of asking that question yet again and not having a great answer.


I gave up on it a long time ago. Every year or so I give them a month (sometimes it’s free!) and catch up on interesting things. But there’s not nearly enough content to be worth paying them every month. Not when Hulu is like $3 (Spotify special) and Amazon Video is free with Prime.