Dark Souls for whimps (like me): Lords of the Fallen

This is what I played as and I keep telling myself that I want to try the others. Then I keep getting something else that takes priority.

This is $4 now on PS4 so I picked it up, since I’ve been interested in it but I like to play things like this on the couch with a pair of headphones in the controller. I’ll dig into it after I get a little burned out on Nioh 2 or finish it, whichever comes first…

It isn’t a great game, but after you accept it for what it is it is fun. I thought a very fair game as well, but for maybe the final boss. But much like Souls games you just have to learn the moves.

I fired this up this morning to check it out, and the framerate, urk. It’s awful, like maybe 20fps if that? Not inconsistent, just low. It’s actually making me a little dizzy.

I don’t recall having any frame rate problems. But I do remember it crashing about once a session.

What platform?

PS4. I got it there because I like playing on the couch, but I may have to get it for PC…

I played it on PC.

I played it on Xbox. It’s possible it had a low frame rate, but I’m not particularly sensitive to these things unless they’re really bad. (Like Project Cars, which I found unplayable on Xbox).

It had those dips even on the Xbox One X. Probably poorly optimized? The game looked good, but I don’t remember it looking exceptional and having a lot of graphical oomph.

I see now what @Woodlance meant by “heavy” combat. That first boss I felt like I could never get a hit in and then also get away before the retaliatory strike, everything just happened too slowly (on my end). I used like 5 potions.

Second boss down. Not a lot of enemy variety in this game so far! Although I did meet some weird spider thing that was the first thing that’s managed to kill me. Does damage even through my shield. Attacks are soooo slooooow. Still, I’m enjoying myself. Aesthetically it reminds me a lot of Diablo 3.

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