Darkest Dungeon

I loved this game until I fully understood the mechanics. The fact that it doesn’t demand anything of you ruins it IMO. Hit a hard mission? Abandon it and go for an easy one, grinding your way up. Compare this to Slay the Spire, which demands that you meet its challenge or die – so much more engaging IMO.

I wish I still felt that way about Slay the Spire. May the illusion never crack for you.

Dang. OK explain?

I sincerely don’t want to ruin it for you and anyone else. Suffice it to say I played for 15 hours or so, saw the trick, and find I can’t go back. The only point of even saying it was “I know how you feel” because while I never got to that point with DD, I’ve been there with other games.

Not sure what you mean. Of course, in Spire, if you could choose your ideal hand, you’d have no challenge whatsoever. The point is that the game makes it hard for you to get to an ideal hand, and even then, you have to cushion your hand against the vagaries of RNG as best you can. My point though in this discussion is that the game puts you on a path to the bosses, and you either pass or fail.

In DD, because you have so many heroes, and you can lose them permanently, there’s no obvious progression curve. Think of XCOM, but rather than having to keep up with the aliens, you can always choose to grind easy missions to build up your squad. At first, this sounds like a good solution to the XCOM problem where if you squad-wipe your best squad, you lose the game. But then you realize that you can just spend the entire game grinding until there’s no challenge at all, and in a game such as this, the challenge is the point.

This is why you have to do the hard mode that ends your game after a certain amount of time or deaths. Unfortunately, there’s no other way to play Darkest Dungeon. :frowning:

Tell us the trick!

(Narrator’s voice: There was no trick)

But Game Developers hate it!

There’s only one, and it’s weird.

Yeah, what DD almost completely lacks is XCOMs large amount of strategic pressure so failing missions is very bad, and a squad-wipe is worst, and you gotta expand and raid those sites before the Avatar project ticks off, and the aliens are always getting stronger, better keep up, etc…

DD is disneyland where you can choose your difficulty. The only setback is having to grind more. If at first you don’t succeed, grind again. Always be grinding. Darkest Dungeon: Grind to Victory.

watching 5 sec, hearing some generic music, wtf? Stuart Chatwoods music is so great, and they use some Ersatz music… hope the rest is good. But it shows, the makers of this documentary don’t have enough taste ;(

Thanks for the link! I saw that the other day but then quickly forgot about it.

It’s… pretty dry stuff. The NoClip docs are a lot more dynamic than this.

It highlights one thing I think was really important for their success: the team put out the best damn teaser trailer I’ve ever seen. It really nails the visual style, the writing and the mood. It’s pretty easy to get people on board after that.

EDIT: Oh, so this is the guy I spent all those bug report emails to.

Early Access coming at some point in 2021. Looks like it’s on Epic.


Gods, this ooozes atmosphere in its finest sense. I love what they do with the narration.

Well, hate to be critical, but Darkest Dungeon II is really something of a misnomer. How about Even Darker Dungeon™? Darkerest Dungeon™? Previously not, but now Darkest Dungeon™? Darkest Remaining Dungeon™?

Of course, they could switch it up some: Darkest Catacombs™, or Darkest Tomb™, Darkest Crypts™. They could make it a Darkest Franchise™! Dark Places Matter™!

I know, i know. I’m really sorry about the last one, but once i went to darkest franchise, i felt i had to make the joke.

More seriously though, I love the series and this is great news about extending it, but i hate the epic store. I should love it, but i dont and find it an awkward mess. It’s that well-meaning but weird uncle that keeps giving you things you dont want and never use and you can’t get over that enough to let him know that he should really zip up his fly more often.

Ehhh, maybe it’s the same dungeon?

There’s already a Darkest Dungeon II topic, this is worth a thread necro:

Oddly enough, the first teaser trailer had Mountains of Madness written all over it. This one looks more like post-apocalypse in the city. The style seems to have changed quite a bit.

Fear not, you aren’t! The word you are looking for is pedantic. :)

Aaaah! My mistake! You’d be surprised how far down the search list I had to go to find THIS thread! That one didn’t even show up.

That would explain the new narrator they went with in the trailer.

“I couldn’t help but wonder. Was mortality really clarified in a single strike?”