Daylight Saving Time - Worst Day Ever


I love it. The second worst thing about summer is being woken up at ungodly hours by the sunrise. It’s just about perfect in February (in London).


Y’all are mental. The Sun is good for us. It makes us happy. Vitamin D deficiency in the winter, with the short days, leads to depression. Living in Boston from October - March is like living in Ravenloft. You get 6 hours of light to enjoy the gray, dreary, overcast skies and then a cold, lonely, terrible night to have a curse.

Fuck DST, fuck winter, fuck cold and snow, Praise the Sun.


Preach, brother.


There’s jerks that like snow. I think that must be 1) people who have never shoveled 2) people who had snow days off school as a kid.


I am going to ask a stupid, uneducated question, but how is the spring ahead worse than me blowing my sleep schedule on any other day?


If you wake up bloodshot because you were up till Qt3 playing a game that’s your own fault and at least you got to play a game. If it’s because some rich cocksuckers want to play golf, that’s just wrong!


I shoveled plenty, never had a snow day because Chicago rolls like that.

I love snow.


You should want DST then. As a fellow MA resident. It sucks how it gets dark before 5.


I don’t know what I want. I think I want to live in Bermuda.


edit: Not Bermuda


That place looks pretty nice too.


Tahiti. I long for the tropics. /sigh


Is okay if I prefer cooler climates? I am just a fan of the fall and I feel very insecure without multiple layers to cover my stomach.


Maybe if I could go outside without dying of cold exposure I wouldn’t fill the time eating so much!


Sure if you want to get kicked out of the collective. :P

Except for the first few years of my life (born in Victorville, CA but it even snowed there once) I’ve lived in cold climates forever. For some reason I’ve stuck around New England and after decades of cold and snow and ice I’m just like gah (I love hot weather, it never bothers me but it hurts being cold. I do wear many, many layers though.)


Hissssssssss, it burrrrnsssss usssssssss.




As the parent of an autistic boy, DST sucks donkey balls. My son does best with a predictable schedule. This is especially true for sleep and wake up routines. Twice a year I get to have a fun week of trying to get him adjusted to the change in time.

DST needs to die.


Although my situation isn’t nearly as dire, let me thrown in my 2 cents. Young kids in general do not respect DST. None of them are going to go to sleep any earlier, and none of them will appreciate waking up earlier.
So, I would like to voice my agreement with @Vesper. Death to DST.