DC's Legends of Tomorrow


AWESOME. Loved her cameo in Arrow, and was hoping she’d make it into something in the superhero block.


They had to recast, so they’re also making this a different version in the show—I think she’s the previous Vixen’s ancestor because time travel or whatever. But yeah, the previous version was good so as long as they fired whoever cast Casper Crump, I think she’ll be a good addition to the team.


Man, this season looks astonishing!


Yeah, I will watch that.


Did I… see a flash of Snart in there?

Dammit, that trailer raised my expectations.


Trailer confirms that some distance from season one hasn’t dulled my hatred of Rip Hunter.


I haven’t watched this week’s episode yet, but last week’s was decent!

And Mick’s enthusiasm for ninjas was the best thing since Supergirl’s excitement over Barry bringing everyone ice cream last year.

Also, I came up with an amazing idea for one of my wishes when I find a lamp with a genie or something:

Legends of Tomorrow should do a Batman Beyond arc. Think about it, it would be perfect.

First of all, Batman. If we can bring Superman into the Supergirl show, you’d think CW would be able to get permission for an alternate timeline Batman for a single story arc. It would be different enough that it shouldn’t step on the toes of Gotham or the movies, right?

And you don’t make it a whole season or anything. Just a tight, excellent, two to four episode story. Legends are already hopping around time, Flash/Supergirl has laid the groundwork for alternate earths, there’s nothing logistically stopping them from getting stranded for a while in a futuristic Gotham patrolled by Terry McGinnis.

So it’s win-win, you get a Batman presence in the CW universe with a plausible reason why he can’t just show up all the time or join the team, but the door would still be open for future limited crossovers as well, and it’s different enough it shouldn’t conflict with Gotham or Snyderverse.

But here’s the best part of my idea: you cast Kevin Conroy as old Bruce Wayne. Can you imagine how amazing that would be?

So like I said, if I ever get some supernatural wish-granting powers, expect to see some serious improvements to LoT.

Back to reality, LoT will need a completely good season for me to have any trust in its quality—it’s still not a show I’d recommend to anyone without some serious qualifications and warnings. But so far, this season is an improvement. No HawksPersons, no Vandal Savage, and maybe no Rip? At least not for a few episodes. Time travel remains problematic, but I at least enjoy that almost all the annoying performances from season one have been written out.


Oh man, I hope you find a working magic lamp!


This week’s episode pretended to be a week-after Halloween episode but turned out to be a week-before election episode.

Mind you, it was made on a budget of about two dollars and written with the subtlety of a school play. But it was still more clever of a twist than I’ve come to expect from Legends of Tomorrow.


I’ve come to appreciate that this show is poorly written, but well made. But for me that last episode was verging on ridiculous in it’s preaching. Yes, slavery is bad… etc, but it’s almost like they couldn’t write any other script because of political correctness.

I would feel like the interference in history was validated and wouldn’t care if the consequences the two black characters talked about happened, but I strongly doubt it will. Instead, what we get is selfish characters (black or white) who do whatever they want episode to episode and it never makes a difference.

This does highlight for me how Timeless or Frequency, make it a point to reflect changes in the past, in the new future.


The tie-up to the all-week crossover was basically The Avengers on a CW budget (complete with nicking the title “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”) but, given that, was fun and impressive for what they were able to pull off. The Dominators were fairly generic opposition for most of the whole thing, but the last episode did set up a motivation for them and presaged that they would Be Back.

Lots of smashy-smashy, a nice little Stein subplot, good Heatwave one liners, a Superman Returns reference, and a Charles Bradley song at the end … pretty good for an hour of fluff. Like the comic book crossovers it emulates, it was ultimately forgettable but enjoyable while it lasted.


Yeah, honestly, that was pretty fantastic. Goofy and stupid and insanely over the top and almost never really making much sense, but it was fantastic.

If they can wiggle in just a bit more semi-crossover goodness ever so often, I’d be thrilled. Having so many awesome supers shows on one network is an amazing opportunity, and so far, they’re doing a great job with it.

Being able to advance plots for all the various shows simultaneously was a neat trick, too!


My DVR cut off the last bit. Last I saw was Barry and Oliver at the bar, going back and forth about how Barry beat Oliver twice. Anything interesting happen after?


Nope. That’s where it ended.


Felicity blurting out “Darmok and Jilad at Tanagra” was an excellent Easter egg. This whole crossover was excellent though, other than misrepresenting the Supergirl episode as part of it in the marketing.


[quote=“WhollySchmidt, post:75, topic:78046, full:true”]
Felicity blurting out “Darmok and Jilad at Tanagra” was an excellent Easter egg. [/quote]
I loved that.


Holy Crap. I randomly caught the “Shogun” episode of this and…While I understand there’s a fine line between camp and offensive…they really, really should never do that again.


Last night’s episode was outstanding.


Shit, we’re back on? noooo I’m so busy :(


Yeah, Supergirl was on Monday and last night was not only Legends but also Flash and Agents of SHIELD. Man, I can’t wait for when Legion starts. WTF.