DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron


How did you get a copy of our ad creative??


Any way you can “details”-tag (i.e. the good spoiler tag) that NSFW image?




Those are a must have for the Destroyer unlock!


Clearly you are a sock puppet account of @dsmart trying to hate on the beauty that is DERPSPACE. Coming up with any excuse to bring down the project. I looked at your post history and writing style and it’s clear that you are him.

Everyone downvote this goon account.


LOL! When I got the notification :)


Yeah, laugh it up, Derek. You know that Gordon has basically one-upped everything that you’ve done in the last 30 years with a single Alpha release. DERPSPACE relegates you to the ashbin of history, old man.


To be fair, the scope of what I’m doing would be daunting to anyone. DERPSPACE is already up to 209 lines of code, and that’s not even counting the planet content!


With your current platform, are you not limited to 250 lines? How will you be handling transitions to new upgrades as technology evolves?



At 209 lines of code, it may be time to switch frameworks for better scalability. This may delay the roadmap a bit – surely no more than a few weeks – but it will pay off well past release.


Not to worry. Our dev team has invested in a major hardware upgrade that will take care of everything.

Meanwhile, we are pleased to announce the release of Alpha 1.4!


  • Introducing STARBASES! These enormous floating pound signs are important bastions of civilization in the deep reaches of the interstellar void.
  • The starship graphic has been massively upgraded, making it much more sleek and realistic, thereby enhancing immersion.
  • In addition to Random Disasters, there are now Random Non-Disasters which do good things to your ship!
  • Client stability has been improved.



Amazing. With all you’re adding, I expect a printed manual that RIVALS FALCON 4.0 SIR.


Spiral bound. Full color. We demand it.




Might I propose adding dysentery?


What? I would never diss Terry.


Dysentery? No.

Space Dysentery? Stretch goal.


Space dysentery? Aw yuss.



I would like to know how many meters will be in the game too!