Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0

There’s just all this weird meta junk that isn’t bad, but that requires you to understand stuff that isn’t really fully explained anywhere.

Like, ok, so you got powerful gear, and pinacle gear… at some point, normal drops are useless trash, and only powerful and pinnacle stuff matters. Then, at some point, only pinnacle stuff matters, and powerful stuff is useless trash too. So then there are specific activities which give you pinnacle gear, so you kind of figure out a set of activities you can check off each week to keep your equipment marching up.

This was not really clear, but eventually I figured it out… there is a lot of other stuff in there that’s kind of like that, beneath the surface, but there if you dig. It’s not really bad on its own, as it could be considered adding depth, but it can be confusing.

Okay, it’s been about three years since I last binged on Destiny, but I’ve dived back in big-time the past week. I’ve gone from Level 1 to Level 30 in about seven days time. When I started, it kicked me to some kind of campaign mission that had a power level of 1150, when my power level was only 1100. That was not fun, and I’m still surprised I didn’t rage quit after the 10th or 11th time getting one-shotted by the boss. But I grinded it through. Now I’m power level 1297 and eeking closer to 1300 slowly.

Still trying to figure out a bunch of things. I finally dived into Gambit yesterday and have done a bunch of that. But, boy, the first match I had no idea what was going on.

Man, Crucible is not fun. At. All.

Every one-on-one is I’m landing four or five hits on a guy with a scout rifle, draining his health. He lands two or three with what seems like a pistol on me and I’m dead. And I was at full health.

This is bullshit.

Solution: switch from scout rifle to pistol! :)

That’s what I did! I couldn’t believe they let me continue from where I was with absolutely no chance of winning. Even normal enemies were one-shot killing me. Rage Quit!

So if I’m trying to start this on the xboxS with gamepass and there are about 3 or 4 versions of this. I assume they are just the various DLCs from over the years, but I don’t get why there are more than one. Doesn’t the newest (which one is the newest???) give you all the earlier content? I’m confused.

The Forsaken expansion is part of Destiny 2 on Game Pass right?

I wonder if I should re-install and try to figure out how to play that content.

I never understand this at all. They need to “make space” for the new content.


It’s not a one-bedroom in Manhattan.

Destiny continues to be a franchise I do not understand. Or rather, Bungie a company that I do not understand. I mean, I’ve played it. I did have an okay time with it. But so much about it just baffles me from the most anti-fun gear progression conceivable to stuff like this.

I just wish they’d go back to making Myth games.

The tragedy is that the shooty bits are so good sometimes……

…… but then Bungie nail themselves in the face again (and again) by obsoleting out the very content and loot that make the shooty grind worthwhile in the first place.

Lé sigh.

I guess it’s /fine/ if you’re a kid who feels as though they have no money but infinite time to trade.

It’s actually not so rare that potentially great games are marooned or sunk by shitty direction.

Destiny is so good at many things that it was given multiple chances. It’s just not worth it. They’ve wasted everything.

It’s quite simple. It’s not about space, but about amount of work and resource allocation.

Destiny has always been a very expensive game, for a tiny bit of content. Behind the scenes it’s a technical mess. This all means that they cannot properly maintain a large, sprawling online game with a smaller live team (compared to what they used to be).

So they break it into smaller pieces because they are simpler to manage and test, and balance.

This is the correct answer.

Okay, if you ever find yourself in a weird situation where everyone else’s sparrow blows by yours, I figured it out.

For the longest time, I kept wondering how the hell everyone else’s sparrow was so much faster than mine. I had a 160-speed sparrow.

And then I discovered that it’s not the game, it’s my Xbox Elite Controller. The hair trigger lock. If it’s on, you can’t depress the trigger fully. Ugh…

You’re supposed to use an unladen sparrow. The answer was right there!

I started the Forsaken campaign, now that it’s on Gamepass PC. I heard several times that is super good, that I should play it. Let’s see if it’s true…

It might be the sparrow. The sparrow “Always on Time” was a raid drop from the, now vaulted, “Scourge of the Past” raid, and while it claimed to be a 160-speed sparrow, it’s actually a little bit faster. It won’t blow past a regular 160 sparrow, more like ease past them, and it could be what you’re seeing, as it’s been available for purchase at the old exotics kiosk in the Tower for a few seasons now, so likely a lot of folks have it by now.

I won’t say is super good. But is the best story Destiny, but thats not saying much because is not a game know for his story.

Eh… this is not working correctly then.
When you turn on the trigger locks, pressing the trigger to the lock makes the system consider it fully depressed. It essentially just reduces the pull required for it to be fully depressed, it doesn’t prevent it from being fully depressed.

You should be able to test this in the accessory settings app, where you can see how much the system thinks the triggers are being depressed.