Diablo III


Playing through my seasonal character in regular story mode and enjoying it since it has been so long since I last played it. I notice that some of the seasonal requirements are adventure mode stuff and I can only see the Act I stuff. Once I finish the story line I can just switch it over to adventure mode at a higher difficulty, right? There is no rush to complete the season requirements since I have over 2 months to do them, correct?


Yep, complete story mode, unlock adventure mode, then attack stuff in any order you like. Though it makes sense to spend some time on the journey stuff at that point as it unlocks free set pieces.


Thank you, but “journey stuff?”


Every weapon you use should have a socket. Every single one. You should never ever be rocking a weapon with no socket. A socket with an emerald trumps any other affix and you should always roll a socket onto any weapon upgrade, if it does not already have one.

In a perfect world, you will save the Ramaladni to use on an ancient weapon. Every time a legendary drops, it has a 1/10 of being an ancient version, with much higher affix ranges. What you want to be farming for is an ancient version of whatever weapon you have settled on for your build, re-roll it for the best naked DPS output (exceptions can apply), which includes rolling an existing socket off in favour of additional damage affixes, then apply Ramaladni to that.

But it’s not always a perfect world, so it’s fine to use it during progression if you feel the damage boost will improve farming efficiency. Another Ramaladni will drop eventually.


Ah, hit ‘ctrl j’

It will list a bunch of objectives for you to complete. It’s actually pretty good to guide new players and provide short term goals to go for once you hit 70. The journey will typically guide you through the stuff you can do in endgame - get the cube, cube a leg, insert gems into sockets, run rifts and greater rifts, etc, etc.

As you complete each tier, new objectives will open up, getting progressively more difficult. Completing the first couple of tiers will award Headrig’s gift - free set peices that will appear in your mailbox (bottom left).

So the journey is great to show you the ropes and is also your shortest path to power in providing a free set for you to play with.


The season has a whole series of milestones/objectives, broken up into chapters. When you go to launch the game, while at character select, look on the right side of the screen. You can also get to the journey list in game from a teensy little leaf icon near your character portrait.

Re: Ramaladni’s, I actually got a second one from that goblin horde, so I used one on my sword of the tribes. I have an amethyst in there at the moment, because I’ve been trying to beef up my defense.


Sweet. The incense torch is my 2nd (after getting it I cubed the 1st) and it rolled pretty good stats right off the bat (I think). Except it lacks a socket…

Should I re-roll one of those for a socket, or use the Ramaladni do you reckon?

The build goal would be to use the torch’s cubed power and dual wield Kyoshiro/Crystal Fist - but I don’t have either of those yet. Don’t even have my nice belt I’ve been burning shards and DB’s for. ;)


Yeah, the monk wave of light Sunwoko build is pretty epic. Very strong build (well, it was when I last played it, but it appears the 4 piece bonus has been reworked since then). It can clear extremely quickly in it’s ranged variation using the Tzo Krin’s Gaze helm.

I’d be inclined to hold onto the Ramaladni for the time being, since in the end you will cube the Torch and the build benefits much more from the stacked powers of Kyoshiro with a Crystal Fist or Vengeful Wind.

I’d probably re-roll the life on hit to a socket and put your best emerald in there. 1k vit is a lot to give up and LoH will be ultimately limited by the slow attack speed. More vit will help mitigate spike damage and Dashing Strike can get you out of a pinch in a hurry. LoH is no good when you are already dead! :)

Incidentally, if you hold down ctrl when looking at an item, it will add a display of the affix ranges to the description so you can get an idea of how well an item has rolled.


Yeah, for Sunwoko I’d reroll the LoH. It’s not the strongest affix for the build.


Yeah, particularly when you are running in full on defence mode with Crystal Fist, as too much attack speed can have a tendency to deplete your Sweeping Winds stacks, killing a good portion of your mitigation (and DPS). Hence LoH is even worse as you can’t attack faster than SW replenishes anyway! I preferred to run Vengeful Wind for that reason, but once you get to a certain GR, you will need the extra mitigation of the Fist.


I was struggling with semi-regular near deaths on T8 but I seem to have fixed that by boosting my resists. I now have 5 diamonds socketed (nothing über fancy, just imperials I think, since you don’t get a massive increas per step.) I also swapped a rune from regen to one that boosts resists.

So, I gave up some vitality and life per second, but the damage I’m taking is much less spiky now. I think I’m going to check my gear and see if I have any pieces that could roll all resists that don’t have it.


I also often find the Esoteric Alteration and Moratorium legendary gems good interim choices for spiky damage mitigation while you are filling out gear. Very few builds use them once gear complete, but they can be handy on the way.


I am using moratorium (with trapped and powerful) which also helps, I’m sure, but it didn’t feel like it was doing much good until I brought the resists up.


And if you are getting whacked by some of the non-spike DoT damage elites put out, like arcane sentries, acid pools, molten, etc, staggering damage is of much less use!


Yeah I should have mentioned, my issue hasn’t been with elites, but with running past normal mobs. Elites are usually dead before they can do much. Running past groups of regular mobs, I’d get crazy damage spikes from time to time.


Yeah, that’s pretty glass cannony. I presume you are on the hunt for another couple of mitigation pieces.

I kind of have that problem with T13 at the moment. I deal with elites pretty well and the build scales damage mitigation with stand and deliver channeling, but the journey between packs can be pretty spiky, particularly when it seems every every fracking rift is packed with spear-chucking goatman, fireball-throwing succubi and spike-hurling quill fiend.

RNG my ass.


Well, I am currently using focus and restraint, with a hellfire amulet and the passive from Band of Might ( damage resist after leap, which I just gambled yesterday). My previous jewelry passive was Rogar’s (increases regen by %life lost).

I have the ring from Traveller’s Pledge, but not the amulet. If I could find the amulet, I could wear that along with another Rogar’s (or something else) and keep the band of might passive. That would be a more defensive setup, but my offense would take a considerable hit, especially since I don’t stand still that much). But I might be able to compensate by, for instance, swapping out the amethyst on my weapon for an emerald.

I think I’d also be losing two ancients by making that switch…


Ah, Might of the Earth set. Simple solution, really. Always. Be. Leaping. :D

Focus and Restraint is fine for that build. But, you are your most vulnerable when leap is on cooldown. You need a big fury spender to reset leap as soon as possible (2 piece bonus) - Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss is the usual go to. Think you may have mentioned you already have the Lut Socks for extra leaping. You also want the fury gen on earthquake passive (triggered by leap) so you are generating lots of fury to expend on the boulder toss and in turn reset cooldown.

Leap needs to be on Death From Above for the stun, paired with Ancient Parthan Defenders for the resultant damage mitigation. I also ran a high level Esoteric Alteration on that build.

Leap, leap, leap, shout, boulder toss, rinse repeat…if anything is left alive. Such a fun build.


I actually just swapped out Parthan Defender yesterday for Bracers of Destruction. I know Boulder toss is the go to for that build, but I am using seismic slam and whirlwind instead. A barbarian build without leap and whirlwind isn’t a barbarian build as far as I’m concerned. And yes, building fury is not an issue.

I might end up swapping out bane of the powerful for esoteric alteration or something of that nature.


I didn’t tool around with the Seismic Slam version. Whirlwind is not really a good choice for the Might set, tbh - it won’t be doing any damage and is not a fast spender, so won’t be helping reset CD. All you are probably getting out of it, I am guessing, is some healing via Blood Funnel? Better off with Ground Stomp, which is at least boosted by the 6-set and is a generator so you can pop Slam again.

Or switch to Wrath of the Wastes, but I hated that set! ;)