Diablo III


Make another seasonal barbarian. Start them in adventure mode and get them to level 8, then park them in town without leveling further. Gamble boots on that character until you get Lut socks. Extract the legendary power from those in the cube and equip it on your main. Congrats, your damage just tripled. (The reason you do this is because being exactly that level makes the possible pool of legendaries very small and you aren’t going to actually wear them, you just need the power).

After that, I’d gamble belts on your main, looking for a girdle of Giants. After that, I’d gamble rings looking for focus & restraint or 2h mighty weapons looking for blade of the tribes.


OK, I’d also do this…

Helm - put a diamond in it (Cooldown Reduction). CDR refreshes leap sooner, leaping keeps you alive (set armour boost).
Amulet - re-roll attack speed for a socket and put another legendary gem in that. Also look to do a Hellfire Amulet run for a better replacement and free passive.
Shoulders - re-roll life for CD, see helm.
Chest - re-roll Furious Charge damage for anything, probably Vitality
Gloves - re-roll resource cost for crit damage
Bracers - fine as is, but replace for anything better - leg with a more beneficial effect or anything with dual crit.
Rings - I am presuming you rolled sockets onto them, but I can’t tell. If the sockets are native, re-roll the missing crit stat onto both. Ideally you will replace them with legendaries, but if you have none, craft yellows until you get one with a socket and one crit affix. Roll the missing crit affix onto it for a dual crit ring. Crafting dual crit rings is pretty cheap, gems will be your limiting factor.
Pants - re-roll regen for vit.
Boots - fine
Weapon - fine
Gems - OK. Get key gems to top tier ASAP - weapon and helm. Ultimately, you will work towards more rubies than diamonds for chest and pants.

Paragon Priorities
Movement Speed, Str, or Vit if desperate
Crit hit, crit damage
Resist All, Armour
Area Damage, Life on Hit (prioritise LoH if desperate)

You need to build fury quickly and spend it faster - spending fury resets leap, leap keeps you alive.

Your generators need to be generators first, they don’t do your damage anyway. Switch Cleave over to Reaping Swing, or switch to Bash Instigation. Frenzy Beserk is another option, but probably not with a slow 2-hander. I’d probably stick with Cleave for the moment.

Ground Stomp and a secondary generator is pretty fine. Consider switching to Deafening Crash, however, for the reduced CD and damage mitigation. That said, the Wrenching Smash pull is a good pairing with Cleave for generation if you don’t need the extra mitigation.

Seismic Slam is groovy, that is your spender. I’d probably switch to Permafrost for mitigation or Strength of the Earth for health recovery. Leap, Ground Stomp, Cleave, Slam, Slam, Slam, Cleave, Cleave, Slam, etc, until Leap resets, rinse repeat.

Earthquake - switch to Chilling Earth. Whenever Earthquake is on your bar, whatever rune is selected will proc when your Leap causes Earthquake. Chilling Earth is great damage mitigation and you want to trigger that mitigation every time your Leap comes off cooldown. Alternatively you could use the Cave-in rune for pulling with Earthquake and use Deafening Crash for the mitigation. If your mitigation is in good shape, just for for the extra damage of Molten Fury.

Avalanche - looks fine, proc’d with your belt and with a good damage mitigation rune. But, I’d consider swapping it for Warcry for the generation and damage mitigation. Pick a rune that fills mitigation gaps - more armor with Hardened Wrath, Health regen with Invigorate, etc. Avalanche does do some damage, but ultimately you want your goal to be resetting Leap as soon as possible to trigger armour boosts and more Earthquakes, particularly while you don’t have Lut Socks.

Passives look fine.

Legendary Gems
Your priorities should be Bane of the Trapped, Bane of the Powerful and Esoteric Alteration. Two damage multipliers and one damage mitigator. If you have all of those, put them in and get them to level 25 ASAP. If you don’t have them, run some more GR’s. GR level does not matter, just get the gems as quick as possible.

Cubed Items
Armour and jewellery slots are fine, until you get those Lut Socks for the armour slot A better weapon ability would be great as the Decimator ability just won’t be contributing all that much.

Things you want to keep an eye out for and not just salvage
Focus, Restraint, Lut Socks, Band of Might, Girdle of Giants, Nemesis Bracers, Broken Crown, Goldwrap, Ancient Parthan Defenders, Bracers of Destruction, Blade of the Tribes

So a bit more crit and cooldown, get another couple of legendary gems, change a couple of skills for mitigation and faster leap reset and I think you should be good to bump a couple of torments.


Cave-in is awesome. And mitigation is on leap (DfA).

You really shouldn’t need a fury generator other than leap, once you have Lut socks. Just need the Earthen Might passive and good to go.


Those boots sound like they’d be great to have, but alas no drop like that so far. I’ll keep looking. Thanks for the heads up.

Cave-in does sound good, but it’s hard to pass up TMC’s CD reduction to 30 seconds. With Leap on a 10 second CD that’s a long time between mitigations.


Do what I said above and you will have the boots in no time. When you can leap three times (making three earthquakes) the cd on earthquake becomes pretty much a non-factor. Add in blade of the tribes, and you get even more. Don’t forget that your set increases the effect and duration of your protection from leap. There is no downtime, and the more fury spend, the more of a buffer you have between being able to recast and when the protection ends.

Just to clarify one thing, damage from earthquake stacks, so pulling enemies in will cause them to take damage from more than one. That’s why cave-in so great.


Thanks for the analysis sharaleo. I’ll take a look at all of these items ASAP.


Yep, the mitigation from the leap lasts in the vicinity of 6 seconds (4 sec default x 150% set bonus increase). So, you only have 4 seconds to worry about getting squashed, which you can reduce further with the cooldown reduction. It goes away even further once you get the Lut Socks because you spend more time jumping, but I still found the CDR necessary.


That’s an increase of 150%. 4*(150%+100%) = 10


Yeah, that sounds better, thought it was off and had to fire up D3 to check my barb! It’s the Band of Might with the 8 sec CD.

Anyway, for reference with 27.5% cdr (diamond in helm, paragon points, cdr on shoulders), I get leap to refresh in just shy of 7 seconds.


Lol, it’s the one set I know well, because it’s the one I’ve been using.

I actually tried switching to wastes yesterday because I’m getting a bit frustrated with lack of progress at this point, and the results weren’t so hot.


And for reference, My Barberolla:

That’s with the Ancient Spear, Boulder Toss variation, as opposed to Seismic Slam. Solo’d GR70 a few seasons back. Awesome build. You’ll notice no generators, as Misguided says, you don’t need one after you get the Lut Socks and you can substitute in utilities like War Cries and Battle Rage, or the old time damage king Wrath of the Berserker. The mitigation pieces you absolutely need at some point are Ancient Parthan Defenders and Band of Might.


And mine:


Here is my Crusader. Not really asking for advice yet. Need to get 2 more legendary gems leveled up and put into use…and then I don’t know what.


Well, I finally managed the T12 in under 6, leaving the only thing left in my current season chapter being a conquest.

I threw on my unique gear and gave it a go, but it’s still not happening, despite adding a couple new %fire damage bonuses to the mix and three lvl 50 ancient augments. I did manage to kill an elite group and a champion, but wow it took a long time.


I think I Seismic Slammed stuff to death with Girdle, but don’t really remember the combination of uniques I used. Pretty sure I had Blade of the Tribes and probably had The Furnace cubed, which is a huge help against elites. It was definitely a matter of slow and steady wins the race though.

But, switch out the Mantle in the cube for a Girdle and wear a Dread Iron instead to go hard with a War Cry, Threatening Shout, Ground Stomp (replacing WW), Seismic Slam combo. Wearing a Dread Iron gets you double Avalanche damage from the additional affix, so is more beneficial being worn.

Review passives - Rampage may be no good if you are not killing things quickly enough to build stacks.

Also don’t forget you really need to blow a bunch of resources to roll crit on gear as per usual, even though you are only gonna wear it for the conquest.

You’ve got plenty of Paragon, which will go a long way as well.

And excuse me for presuming you are not doing some of this stuff, obviously it is hard to tell from a paper doll that is not reflective of your conquest build! :)

Ooh, another consideration, drop Leap for Wrath of the Berserker, swap Rampage for Boon of Bul Kathos and wear an Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac - All Wrath, all the time! Wear Illusory Boots to compensate for the otherwise lack of ‘Oh Shit’ mobility.


Yeah, I know rampage won’t work, I just hadn’t bothered switching it out yet.

I feel like the best option is to go with fury of vanished peak and slam spam, since earthquake just doesn’t work, but then fury generation becomes a huge problem without blade of the tribes. Maybe the dread iron will help there.

I didn’t make a serious attempt tonight, just ran into a T10 neph portal and judged how long it was taking to whack stuff.

I have tried ORZ/Wrath but I didn’t today.

I’d really prefer to have unity for the, but still haven’t gotten a second one.


Thanks to sharaleo for a fun evening of countless GR45 rifts and a vault run, among other things, I was able to fill in many of the holes I had in my build. Got a Furnace (cubed), a Restraint (to go with the Focus I already had), and several other drops that will really help. Legendaries and set items were dropping so fast I couldn’t keep up! I think I gained somewhere around 50 Paragon levels as well, and funds went from 3 mil to over 120. I was doing T7-8 before (thanks to Misguided’s advise I was able to cube some Lut Socks! :)), but now I might be able to step it up even more.

Thanks again sharaleo! Still working on incorporating all the new items and whatnot, but I’m well on my way. Strangely my paper doll DPS has dropped significantly, but damage done seems to be up. Not sure what’s up with that.

One thing I’ve always wondered about grouping in D3. When killing a boss or opening a chest does everyone see the same things drop so anyone can grab them, or does each person see only their own? I know I can see items that others drop on purpose, but I’ve never been clear on drops seen while adventuring.


Each person sees their own personal loot, not seen by others in the group.


Paper doll dps doesn’t take into account bonuses on specific abilities, I don’t think. It’s just raw dps and isn’t super relevant, depending on build. Also, consider that you could add attack speed into your build and sheet dps would go up, but it wouldn’t actually be helping you, so take sheet dps with a grain of salt.

I gambled/cubed nearly 20 legendary rings yesterday, still looking for a second unity. I did manage to get a Convention of Elements which I modified to have double crit, which should help with the conquest I’ve been working on.

Also got my first puzzle ring, so I can do a vault run on T13 for the next season chapter.


Patch 2.5.0 PTR Notes

Some nice changes in the next patch - armory, dedicated craft mat storage and removing the bonus bounty nonsense.