Diablo III


Now I just need to keep playing, and try to convert more pieces to ancients.


I have found three. And finally, FINALLY got a second Unity to drop a few minutes ago. Now trying to decide if I want to take a shot at reforging one of them…


Yeah you need to use the ‘force move’ key, rather than clicking to move. Clicking is too dangerous. :)


I didn’t realize I had one of those :(


Yep, keyboard shortcut. I think it’s W or something. Hold it and you’ll move towards the mouse pointer without needing to click.

I think it took me 4 goes to master that set dungeon:

  1. Was clicking, so sweeping wind wasn’t getting the kills
  2. Sweeping wind was running out
  3. Wrong turn and didn’t kill everything in time
  4. Success!!


I tried the Barbarian of the Earth Set Dungeon a half a dozen times or so, failing every time on one part or the other. So I said screw it, put on my Immortal Kings set and sailed through that one first try. Easy peasy.


The way to fix set dungeons is to give everyone automatic credit for mastering every set dungeon.


Yeah, that one is brutal. I also did IK instead. Piece of cake.

Made my first serious go at the Thrill conquest today. Killed the rift guardian literally a second after time expired. But I realized I had forgotten something I had planned to do which should help quite a bit (more offense, more defense, better frenzy generation) and I think I should have no problem on the second go.


Knocked it out tonight. Now just need to do the T12 nephalem rift in 6 minutes, and 1 challenge to finish destroyer. I can knock out the T55 GR in that time, but haven’t managed it with the nephalem rift yet.


Grats! I got a ringer in to help smash the rift in under 6. Even then it was close! ;)


Not one, but two conquests down.

Avarice is actually quite easy with the right gear setup, and fun too. For any Barbarians that are interested, I ran Wastes, all w/ +gold find, subbing Goldskin for the chest, Bul Kathos weapons, goldwrap, Maxed Boon of the Hoarder in Kymbo amulet, emerald in helm. I also ran Skull Grasp and Unity rings. Cube was furnace/mantle of channeling/royal grandeur. Total gold find was ~17k I think, on T10. This is easy peasy on the Not So Secret Cow Level, just spin to win and keep moving between groups. Nothing special in the passives.

I would love to get some help for the T13 in under 5. Similarly, I can help others with whatever. I have had 4 puzzle rings drop in the last few days, so I could host a Greed run too.


Hell I’m impressed that I soloed a 50 greater rift with my monk. The rest of the Destroyer stuff is probably out of my reach without a group at the moment. I don’t even want to think about the conquests, but I really want more stash space lol.


Finished Conqueror tonight on hardcore. First hardcore character I’ve ever rolled (invoker crusader) and all good so far. I’m sure death is in the near future in the 70+ rifts but it’s been a fun ride to the stash tab.


Every time I play a game and realize the voice actor is the same as Morrigan from Dragon Age it brings me a bit of happiness. She plays the demon you get to kill in Act III. Morrigan has to be in my top 10 video game characters, along with Lee and Clementine from The Walking Dead.


Wow. Seriously. I played to 60 on an HC Barb at launch, but damn. That’s seriously impressive. As many insta-gibs as I’ve suffered, seems like it would be tough to prevent that while maintaining enough damage to get stuff done.


Yeah, at the start of season 5 I ran a HC barb. 1st time died somewhere around 60. 2nd time died while trying to drop Malthael for Chapter 4 of the journey. Switched to normal after that. One of these days I might try it again.


So I started a Monk and got him to 70 and wasn’t really feeling it. So I’ve gone back to my old standby, the Witch Doctor. Just hit 70 with him but since my Monk got the Season set, he’s rocking an assortment of yellows and a couple of random Legendaries/Set pieces. I can just do T1 with him as he stands (completed a Rift with 1 death). Is T1 where I should be farming to get the set pieces I’m looking for? I think that’s the case but I wanted to see if that was reasonable - it’s not smart to farm <T1, is it?

Going to try a GRift now and see how he fares. I think I shouldn’t have any issues with completing it in time but you never know.

Edit to say: completed a level 10 (T1) GRift with ease, so it seems this is a good difficulty for me (stuff dies fairly quickly and I don’t have a lot of issues staying alive). That said… I feel like this is a stupid question but should I be doing Rifts or GRifts for gear? Is it bounties for crafting mats, Rifts for keystones and GRifts for gear?


For gears, do GRifts. The guardian guarantee legendary or set drop and the number of drop scales more or less with the GRift number. On top of that, you can upgrade the gems for completing the rift within the time limit boosting your capability. Do regular rift when you run out of keys and bounties when you need the mats for cubing legendary power or crafting items that require them.


This. And also you can gamble for your set pieces with Kadala.


Thanks to @sharaleo for running me through a bunch of TX rifts. He killed stuff, and I tried to stay alive (with varying amounts of success). While I didn’t get any set pieces I needed, I was able to upgrade a lot of my gear. So I can now hold my own somewhere between T3 - T4. So off to farm set items!