Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

Renown in general is per character (save for the bonuses that it says are unlocked for all characters on the realm.

Exactly as Petey says

Thanks guys. And is the renown for a dungeon just for the first time the character does it? If so how do you see which dungeons a given character has done?

They’re marked with a tick on the map.

Yeah, it needs ways to increase their attack speed and at least get the +3 mages aspect (viscous on an amulet). Kripp thought that the blizzard one (cold-bringers?) would also trigger the extra essence every time blizzard damaged something, which would be super strong if true, but i haven’t tried that.

I wish the paragon boards had more resource generation and control impairment reduction nodes in general.

As I said, I just see 1 “ticked “ dungeon for this character and I know they have done at least 3. Maybe it’s a bug?

My wife has said that dungeons she’s completed have the ticks when she’s in that same session but the ticks are gone the next time. If it’s an aspect dungeon, of course, the lack of the aspect reward text will tell you you have already done it I guess.

So, I just finished getting all the Altars of Lilith. This map was accurate for all the ones I went to so I’m pretty sure it’s updated.

Tip for those who are running around the map, you can right click on the map where you want to go and it will provide a path. This makes racing your horse there pretty easy and fast.

Right that works for the aspect dungeons. It would be too bad if there’s no way to track the others but whatever.

The dungeons are the thing that I find most enjoyable so far. I will run around and kill whatever and then my kid gets on and we head to some dungeons we have not finished and spend some quality time doing coop and it makes it so much more enjoyable. Mindless killing for hours and then enjoyable family time for 20 minutes…worth it for us.

FYI, a new character with all the Altars plus at least 3 Renown in each region nets you 68 in every stat + your base, so you are looking at things like 2.3% resource generation, +7.8% skill damage, +3.8% to all resistances, 10 skill points, if you don’t start the campaign you get the waypoint to each of the major towns in each region. Access to all your stash, and all the equipment cosmetics you’ve unlocked for all classes.

A pretty fair start for an alt.

Feeling the deaths today. Died twice to Andariel as I was finishing up Act IV (that was a fast Act!). Then I had my first Butcher spawn in a dungeon, here I am at level 50, and I was going toe-to-toe with him. Bad move, I realized I was down to one pot left and he wasn’t even down one notch of health yet. I took off running but he caught me with a slow and then used some chains to grab me. Couldn’t get away from him so yet another death.

So, WT2 is officially much more difficult than the equivalent in D3 for me. I think that makes 10 deaths in total to date, through 50 levels. That’s about a new high record for a Diablo game, outside the beta deaths I had, which were mostly from world boss battles. Maybe I’m just getting old and my skills just aren’t there anymore. Is there a death tracker in the game? I expected to find one in the stats page for the character but didn’t notice it.

All to say, I really do enjoy the game and it’s going to have some serious legs for me. I’m a bit eager to get my rogue through the campaign so I can start on another character as I don’t find this point in the game, when equipment changes become so rare, to be all that interesting in terms of advancement. Then again, I could try WTIII with my rogue to see how equipment drops will change up.

I haven’t looked up a single bit of info on anything, either. I very much dislike spoiling myself on the game. I’ll find Altars of Lilith as I explore, I’ll get the Aspects as I find dungeons that I want to do with my current character, or because a quest gave them. I’ll learn how to kill that boss by just trying it out. It feels so much better to be immersed in the game this one time around as my subsequent plays are already going to ‘benefit’ from my own knowledge of how the game goes.

That’s certainly one way to do it. Another is to talk about those things that frustrate you and maybe come to some understanding about why and what you can do about it. Sometimes you can even resolve it. Other times, just venting about shit is healthy too. It’s also sometimes a way to find out which stuff is broken (apparently resistances are, according to kripp).

There’s also people out there on the fence wondering if they should get this $70 game. Knowing that there’s flaws, and people that don’t like it or certain things about it, can help those people make a more informed decision about whether they should get it.

Been tied up with parent care but Altars complete. Got my buddies into wt3. On to the real end game :)

Kripp’s longer vid on resists. I think some of the maths might suffer some logical fallacy in it’s delivery and obviously nobody outside Blizzard knows how the resist syetem works in detail, but at this stage his opinion through testing is that pure resist is functionally worse, by a large margin, than any of the other damage mitigations in game. Regardless of class, more armour or any other form of damage reduction as a gear affix is always a better roll than a resistance affix.

System seems opaque. A 50% resist roll on a piece of gear does not actually equal 50% resistance. In this case it changes the resist on his character dummy from 53% to about 58%, so about 5%. Then the resist tooltip is not all that clear - it says it reduces damage by only half that amount then has another tip about armor contribution. So is cold resist 58%, or 29%? What does 50% on a peice of gear mean? How are you supposed to assess a good roll?


Seems like whatever system of obfuscation is in place to reduce effectiveness of over-stacking resist just makes it confusing and you’d be better served with just having a resist cap and clearer numbers? Maybe that’s moot, since it seems clear that as it stands, a +10% armour roll is still always going to be preferable to a +50% resist roll.

Interesting times as susual as everyone scrambles to backward engineer how an ARPG works!

Thanks! That is a good map. One of the other ones I looked at was not.

Couldn’t sleep so I decided to craft a Level 20 Sacred Nightmare Sigil and try the dungeon. I ended up with my 2nd death and some valuable information for my time.

Spoiler for Higher Level Dungeon and Tier Progression

I’m 64 and the dungeon level was 73. The dungeon was Crusader’s Cathedral in Kehjistan. The mobs had a little more toughness but not as much as I expected with that high of a level difference. The damage was more but not unmanagable at least until I got to the “Doom Pack”. The dungeon (I’m not sure if it’s specific to this one or a modifier from the sigil) made blood blisters that exploded in a huge range for 75% of my hp, killing them before they exploded was key. The pack I mentioned had a bunch of heralds with 3 elites in it, 2 heralds, 1 deathknight (Vigo things). The deathknights could also hit you for 75-90% of your health but the problem was the Heralds who were buffing up the entire pack and laying down AOE.
This has been the most tactical fight of Diablo 4 that I fought as I had to string out some of the enemies to take them down and be able to kill the boil before it killed me as well as pull off some of the damage so I could burst down the heralds. I got 43 glyph xp from the end which was huge, all the items that dropped required my min level but were between 650-700 item score. I think the game wants me to play a ranged because I get nothing but awesome bows and ranged modifiers, 1 upgrade on a ring which was nice.
After completing it, the quest for WT4 Fallen Temple capstone dungeon unlocked so I think your progress is locked from that, not from leveling. It was a very fun and different experience from what I’ve been used to and the hardest/longest fight I’ve had in a while as with even group content and world bosses it’s mostly just hp sponge bosses or masses of enemies that explode on contact.

Most of my deaths have been from exploding mobs, often the ones that blow up on death. That, and just being swarmed by multiple elites with massive spike damage.

I usually play Hardcore exclusively, but I am nowhere near confident enough yet to do that in this game. Too many “gotchas,” not to mention we’re still in the technical difficulties stage of things. The game does not always telegraph things as well as it could, in terms of avoidance, and stuff like a randomly appearing near-unkillable murder machine demigod (that is, the Butcher) also doesn’t help.

This is the kind of nonsense that makes me glad I don’t bother with all the number crunching. I just know higher number is better and run sub optimal forever. I applaud those that take the time to go deep and hit the high end of the game, but that will never be me.

This alarms me though;

If you aren’t paying attention, you may not notice they can be disabling things in game at any time. For fixing, because broken already, but I’m not sure I like this over just putting out announced fixes as needed. Online game so they have to be careful of undeserved advancement and exploits but not penalize players too. Which is why I prefer sp offline, always.

It’s definitely a product of the MMO-ification of the game. It used to amuse me in games like WoW, or EQ, or any of the big MMORPGs, when people would get all up in arms when their favorite item or spell or whatever was nerfed. You really have to commit to an archetype, a style of play, and not one particular thing that depends on other particular things, because those things are going to change.

From all the videos about D4, though, no one seems to have learned much.