Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

That’s definitely great news. I hated Diablo 3 on launch. The 360 launch completely turned me around on the game. The gamepad controls made the game so much better. The lack of trash loot made the game so much better. The non-tetris inventory system designed around the gamepad was beautiful. The addition of adventure mode and all the other changes just made it better and better. I ended up really loving it. A complete turnaround for me.

I also really admire Blizzard for making all 3 Diablo games so uniquely different from one another. I mean, who else does that with their franchises? Don’t companies usually go the safe route and add more of the same?

I’m excited for D4. I did everything I wanted to do in Grim Dawn and I need moar!!! The first-class controller support is welcome. 100 hours of Hades taught me to enjoy using one in action RPGs.

I’m excited about the couch co-op changes in D4. For example, both players will be able to access and adjust skills and talent trees at the same time. In D3, each player has to take turns accessing the UI.

100%. I’m primarily a KBM gamer but there are certain types of games that I feel are much better on a controller and isometric action games are definitely on that list for me. I really dislike click-to-move and have since the original Diablo. I’m glad that developers of late are finally supporting gamepad for these games.

As someone who switched from D3 on the PC, which didn’t grab me as much as it should have, to D3 on the PS4, which had me hooked, it’s good to see their unified UI strategy. I always planned on getting D4 for the PS5 because of my last experience but I’m almost sure the reason I loved it so much was it just felt right playing with a controller. If I go with the PC version and controller support, I can decide which I like best. Choice is awesome.

Is that Andareal?

Lilith, based on Marketing. I admit I don’t remember Diablo 3 enough to know if this character is from there or a new character we are suppoed to know through trailers. Wild to me as I’m playing Marvel’s Midnight Suns and Lilith is the name of the big bad there (though my money is on this Diablo IV Lilith being more an “Act 1” threat that uncovers the real bad guy of the tale is… Diablo).

I’m seeing there is going to be an official reveal/announcement here later this morning (9AM PT/12PM ET) so I assume this information (tweeted) is accurate but we should presumably get more than just an official tweet, I assume some sort of trailer or the like. Hopefully a juicy one with some gameplay and not just a 22 second CGI trailer that fades into a pre-order date and a release date, but who knows.

The cloud option for xbox allows me to GD in my bed on my phone with an xbox gamepad :)

I played closed end game beta on pc and Xbox. The controller support made me want to play it MORE on Xbox.

Crossover from Midnight Suns?

I just assume Lilith is a common lady demon name, like Susan or Jill is in the mortal realm.

I’d assume they were going to announce at the Game Awards tonight, no?

I think that was the rumor, but since they are doing something official in a few hours, I suspect they aren’t actually at the game awards at all and are just announcing today, possibly completely unrelated.

Man, how awesome would it be if Diablo’s big bad was called Susan?

it’s a biblical name with demonic reference so gets used a ton. often the mother of all vampires in lores

Oh, uh… I was just joking around.


It would be funny the first time. But not as funny the 666th time we got to her. Oh great it’s Susan.

They should lean into it and call the big bad Karen.