Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

You jerks had to keep mentioning Grim Dawn, which is of course going to make me re-install it yet again.

/shakes fist.

I haven’t been keeping up with D4 news and just saw the preorder prices. Ouch. $70 for the base game, and $90 and $100 for the upper tiers, which add a few more cosmetics and season battle pass.

Thankfully the WoW mount is included with the base version. I love mounts and transmogs for WoW, but I’m not sure I’d really care too much for cosmetics in Diablo.

Has there been much info about the battle passes yet? I suppose their content and how much you’d need to play to achieve them would affect whether I go for a higher tier.

There will be a physical Collector’s Edition but no game included.

I’ve resigned myself and bought the $100 edition on pc. I might buy the base game on Xbox digital not sure.

I’ll wait for reviews, D3’s terrible launch and the $70 price point makes me too skittish to pre-order.

They had a bunch of sex crimes that they ignored.

Otherwise nothing changed. Technically the sex crimes were ongoing, we just didn’t know about them.

I know this isn’t the trend anymore, but for me the Diablo series and similar games are always a solo affair. I don’t need/want a battlepass in a single-player game. Especially if the base game is already $70. Sorry, I think a cloud just stepped on my lawn…

Thanks; really good article. Covered more than just the crunch hours, for hose who haven’t clicked yet.

I’m thinking that the battlepass goals will probably be mostly single player attainable like D3 season rewards, although I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a couple of PVP related rewards.

This is the only official info I’ve found regarding battlepass:

Yeah I SUPER don’t want this now. It sounds more like “what if Diablo, but monetized like FPS games as an ongoing service (Destiny, etc) ?”

Yeah that article has dampened my enthusiasm for it. We’ll see how good the reviews and impressions here are. I guess it will depend on how much they crunch these next few months.

And if they don’t, maybe they’ll improve it over time after release like with D3.

Each season will be released with a fresh new gameplay feature and questline that introduces new challenges, mysteries, and possibilities into the level-up experience.

This immediately brings to mind the way PoE does seasons, which is a huge positive, imo. Diablo III seasons aren’t all that different, one from the next, aside from which class sets were featured. Not every new PoE feature has been a winner, but since have been really fun, and the popular ones get added to the base game.

Not sure why anybody is unhappy (edit: with monetization) based on that article. They are quite clear that you can’t buy power and the shop is strictly for cosmetics. And you can earn premium currency on the free BP track. If they are going to be adding new gameplay wrinkles, more build options, more quests, etc. with each season, why not let people support that ongoing development by buying cosmetics?

The one thing they don’t say is whether you can but the premium track unlock with that currency. It may be possible to earn enough in one season too but the premium unlock, if so.

Are you talking about the Washington Post article?

No, that was based on the august update posted above

I see. I was talking about the WaPo article.

Ah, ok. Your post followed dgallina, who commented on the monetization.

Diablo 3 was such an epic fail for me with its bright pastel colors and mindless button mashing combat, making it non-challenging. I didn’t even finish it because it was boring, something that I never thought would happen with a Diablo game. Skill Up’s preview gives me hope Diablo 4 is going back as a true sequel to Diablo 2.

Diablo 3 was improved with the launch of its expansion, but yeah. It went from boring to average for me. Diablo 3 at launch was a big miss for me.

Whenever I see this criticism, it makes me wonder what version of Diablo III I had. Did you only play in Whimsyshire?


It had noticeable WoW influence and was less dark/gothic than the previous two entries. Although I don’t recall pastels. :)

Screenshot from the Amazon store page:


Diablo 2 / Remastered:

It went beyond the art direction as well, with some goofy NPC banter and stuff. It just didn’t work for me.

I just remember it being brighter with a less dark tone. Skill Up said it had pastels so it must be true!