Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


I would have voted in GOTY if I had never went to Arx.

Interestingly, I noticed how so many of the “reviews” on Steam have < 60 hrs played. No way you can finish that game in under 60 hours. Looking at the achievements, only 6% have completed in Classic mode.

I know I’ve been guilty (heck I never completed DOS1, and I kickstarted DOS2!), so can’t blame other’s exhuberence when it’s such a long game, but I think we should have two types of reviews: 1 for those who have completed the game & 1 where you haven’t. It would be an interesting way to look at it.


I definitely lost steam in Arx.


I was losing steam in the 2nd act but was totally tired by the Nameless isle.


I gave up in Fort Joy.


Fort Joy was where i put it down, too. I’ll get back to it, someday. Since I’m a backer, I feel somewhat obligated to find some fun in the game, but I really hate the save/reload ad nauseam method of figuring out how to win a battle. It’s great that they made such a complex combat system and an AI that makes use of it, but Larian designers could have balanced things so much better, just by allowing characters to be knocked out rather than killed. There are just too many things that cross the fine line from fun to frustration in the combat design.


I am at the nameless isle, hoping to finish this one off completely and that Arx won’t depress me. This is definitely my game of the year so far with XCOM2: War of the Chosen coming in second. Here is a tip/spolier for those who find it too difficult at the beginning:

There is a talent that you should select early on that means when you resurrect one of your party members, they come back with full health instead of a small amount. Make sure you have lots of resurrection spells and the game becomes significantly easier in battles.


Thanks for the tip, Chappers. I’ll give that a try – but it still irritates me that a player would have to select this talent to make the combat something less that magnificently frustrating. It appears to be a way of covering a design flaw.


Interesting article.


Obviously that guy didn’t play the game to the end. He didn’t mention the final battle of epic bulshittery.



Added fast waypoint travel via the main map. Clicking waypoints now lets you travel to that location directly
Added map markers for sub-region entrances and exits

Taunt now pierces Physical Armour, costs 2AP, has a cooldown of 5 turns

Lots more!


Guess this a sign I should get back to the game! Steam says I’ve sunk 120h into it and I’ve only just arrived at the Nameless Isle.

Really enjoyed it, but needed a bit of a break.


Nothing about streamlining the UI/actions needed for certain taks or item level rebalance? It’s amazing that they don’t view this is a problem.


I’m playing the long game here, i will wait until next autumn sales, when the game is cheaper and more patched.


[high five]


Finally done with that bad boy … 270 hours … basically almost seven hours of a 40 hour work week (albeit, considerably more fun to use a word Master Chick deplores: ) ).


I just completed, only 83 hours but I am not a completionist like the rest of you. Really enjoyed the game although the last part became a bit grueling. One of the best RPG combat systems to date.


Just finished this tonight, played the whole thing 3 player coop and I controlled 2 characters. Absolutely Brilliant !!! The combat made the game, no trash fights, every fight had twists and a million options. The story was good although a little tough to follow when you have three people running around talking to people. Didn’t mind the fights in the last act at all. Hard to say how long it took us, about 120 hours.

Up there with the Witcher 3 as one of my favorite all-time RPG.


Gotta say, this game is retaining its price point for a long time. They’ll announce and release the next one before I play this one!


I was thinking, you know what I would love in this game? An Endless dungeon mode.
You start as level 1 and in some kind of town with vendors, and you can just go down to through a procedurally created dungeon. It would be really interesting to be able to play with the game mechanics that way. I am sure I could come up with all sorts of interesting builds.


I agree. It’s kind of funny, they obviously put a fair amount of effort into creating their world, story, plot, etc. But all I really cared about in the game was the combat and character progression. The combat is a very good system and the character progression is adequate. The plot etc., were all fine but I just didn’t care much.