Dominions 5 - Born to be Van Wilder

which fort?

The one nearest the former Rus borders. Huge number of troops appeared that turn, like damn. I thought I had a chance, but now I don’t know.

Not sure why you want that one, it leads no where, and no i’m not abandoning it.

Hmmm…that gives me an idea.

Curse you and your ideas. Now you know I’m not going to sleep tonight.

That fort does lead to your capital though. It exerts a particular sort of land control that puts me in easy reach should an astral mage open a gateway from point A that leads to point B you see.

Or maybe this is all a bluff and really I’m diverting your attention from what might be happening elsewhere? Like… ?

my idea had me perusing reddit where i found this:

it made me laugh

My turn is in.

General query, if anyone wants to add their own 2 cents. Is it worth turning off quickhost?

Also, if I win this game, I’m seriously gonna buy myself a bottle of gin to celebrate. While I live in a town renown for its rum, there’s this other distillery around the corner pretty much (literally leave street, round-about, round-about) that makes gin.

Reading through that reddit thread. Can I just say that a no-magic strat would make the game absolutely boring.

I was pleasantly happy when casting the hidden in sands spell by the way :)

I do like these wild ride games. One thing I’ve always struggled with in default settings is the gem cost of summons vs using them. Some summons are easy, like the elemental royalty. But even a fire drake which costs 6 fire gems to bring to life. Like they’re good (even killing my sacreds that Evil_Steve warned about) but are they six fire gems good? Having the increased gem sites really helps reduce the mental overhead about summoning such a unit that can be easily killed.

In short, gems are just too rare in default dominions, and that’s a hill I’m happy to die on.

Hidden in sands and snow are two of those spells where they’re so expensive and such a damn diceroll that i rarely ever cast them.

When you lose this game, you should buy yourself that gin and then drink and think about why you ever thought attacking caelum was a good idea :)

Because if he didn’t attack you, you were going to attack him?

As I’ve said before, I was never planning on attacking ermor. I’ve actually only attacked one nation in this game, so i’m not sure why i’m being made to be the big bad aggressor.

The turn is coming shortly - my thoughts have crystalized around one route, but i need to investigate a few things.

so i’m not sure why i’m being made to be the big bad aggressor.

Well, speaking from the sidelines, when one has most of the elemental royalty, it says something. That person is either a target to be attacked, or a person to ally with.

Of course, when one has all the arch devils, some of the ice devils, all the Heliophagi, and is working on all the Demon Lords…perhaps I should not be drawing attention to myself.

Nah, I’d rather think about the mistakes on a clearer head

Lots to process this turn!

(badly cropped) Scenes from the turn:

The second is probably all soulless - I cant imagine many of them survived. The first is a bit of wow though - I haven’t ever cast that spell before, and at 40 gems I didn’t know what exactly I was going to get, but I can say that i’m not disappointed(wow, what an awfully complicated sentence construction). That was probably half that army. Now I just need to work on the golems, wraiths, and yay, someone is hitting me with ashen angels too!

No idea how ubar is staying in the game - about 20 turns ago i was hoping to dom-kill you, and put some pieces in play to do that and you’ve still got dominion somewhere…

Ah you have not located my secret underground base at the south pole. It’s from a rare national spell.

Very national.

Yeah roughly. I guess the problem now is that I have to rely on a different means of fighting. This is Ermor’s problem, big spells like that are gonna hurt when there’s a lack of late game options. The good news for me is that I didn’t lose too many valuable units. Sacreds are fine! But where there’s ice, there’s fire.

man, it takes me an hour to just get through the message log now.

So many golems, and wraiths…oh, and i got a horror now - i’m guessing akaoni sent that? And it looks like Pan’s in a knife fight for survival against a literal horde of demons. So ermor, while you’re busy tackling me, please realize xib has all the thrones it needs within reach.

Eh, the Horror was one of those " I wonder what this does" and it did some damage to PD. I dont think its worth it for big armies, maybe smaller groups.

That Purgatory is impressive, though.

I do have to admit I am surprised that no comments have been made in the last day or so. I mulled over saying something about how my Russians had to defensively attack @Evil_Steve 's aggressively defensive Ukrainians, but I couldn’t really word it in a way that would be funny.

Oh, and in other news, I lost an Arch Devil to militia. MILITIA. Like a dozen spears, some of them not even pointing in the right direction.
Truly my dominions acumen is at dizzying heights.

I must say I was genuinely surprised, as i thought you were going north… my heart sank a few turns ago when i did something insanely stupid which has gimped me in a profound way… but I’ll try to make your invasion as painful as possible :)