Drox Operative 2

Once again, some nice changes! I’ve already gone back to the well twice on this game. Looking forward to another run at 1.0! :)

I’ll take it.

Version 0.917 is out: changes.

This patch adds challenge sectors, adds fighter promotions, allows old sectors to be loaded, improves controller support, and fixes several more minor issues.

Wait, like fighters can level up, as it were?

They don’t go up a level, but they can go up in rarity: Expert, Veteran, Elite, etc.

Very cool! I love playing a carrier so I’m really happy with all the various buffs and tweaks to them that have happened over early access. I’ll probably fire up Drakk or Hive when 1.0 hits!

Version 0.918 is out: changes.

This patch adds tactics to quest monsters, improves & makes the different fighters more unique, improves radar, fixes & improves planet happiness, and fixes many more minor issues.

Version 0.919 is out: changes.

This patch adds a manual, doubles the scrap distance, fixes a few UI things, updates a bunch of text, and fixes a few more minor issues.

Version 0.920 is out: changes.

This patch adds another plant race portrait and fixes several minor issues.

Version 0.921 is out: changes.

This patch cleans up a few last things before a full release and added Alpha & Beta Testers to the manual.

Ooommmgggggg fullllll release!!!

This has to be the most low-key announcement of a v1.0 I’ve ever seen! :) So is this v0.921 really v1.0 as per the patch notes?


OMG you’re right. Steven said “before a full release” but the patch notes say 1.000!!

This is also one of the patch notes:

So unless the game has reverted to alpha, it seems like this is the release. Steven’s patch announcement on the Steam discussion forums calls it 1.000 in the subject line. I think this is actually it! I think it’s happened!


But the tweet again says “before a full release”


Nowadays it’s not a real release unless there’s a day 1 patch right?

So 1.001 then?!

If this is the full release, I expect Steven is now vacationing on a tropical island with limited Internet access, lest any trolls disturb his rest.

It really does look to be, as it says 1.000 in-game with no more mention of a beta. My god this game feels so great.