E3 Season started early in 2023?

3 player co-op is all I need to know about Space Marines 2. I mean, I’d probably get it anyway, but that pretty much seals the deal.

These Devolver shows are always a fun watch.

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Yeah, the Devolver Direct is totally worth everyone’s time for their 22 minute show. I laughed a lot. And the trailers were great. We get to see lots of Talos Principle 2 and other games.

Here’s a nice summary with all the trailers for Summer Game fest.

And here’s one for Day of the Devs.

I hope Retro Gadgets and Mars First Logistics end up being as cool as they look in this trailers.

Thanks, Devolver is always fun, and both Wizard with a Gun and Talos Principle 2 are looking good. And my family liked Human Fall Flat too…

Day of the Devs showcase is for me better than Summer Game Fest, lol, which had a few cool big games but that they had been shown before (Lies of P, Witchfire, Space Marine 2, etc).

I’m interested in Viewfinder, Hauntii, Hyper Light Breaker, Cocoon, and Summerhill.

Saw that Prince of Persia trailer. Looked about as Prince of Persia-y as the Beyond Good & Evil sequel footage looked like Beyond Good & Evil. sigh

Isn’t there supposed to be some Cyberpunk DLC news in this gamefest event?

Missed half of the show. Spoice Muhreen 2 looks cool, but all in all it was a really mediocre lineup imo

e: that Twisted Metal thing looked SO BAD, unbelievable

I’d like to get a good look at Wayfinder.

Are there any more shows today? Or do we get a breather before the big weekend stuff?

Apparently there’s two today, but I haven’t heard of them before, I don’t think.

Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday so I won’t be able to watch the Xbox/Starfield event in real time with you folks. It will be tempting to pop open this thread now and then though. Have fun!

Ah darn it. Have fun with your wife tomorrow though!

Here’s yesterday’s Tribeca Games Spotlight:

And here’s the Future of Play Direct 2023 that just ended:

Here’s the Wholesome Direct that’s happening now. I like wholesome games, it’s a nice trend.

Man, I should have been taking notes. Some of these seem such good candidates to play with my son.

From the top of my head, the ones I haven’t forgotten yet:

I am Caterpillar
Station to Station
Smushi Come Home
The Guardian of Nature
Petit Island

I continue to be really impressed by the creativity of some of these indie games.

Anyway, onto the Future Games Show, live now:

Wait, what was the dinosaur game? Did anyone else disconnect and then we were looking at Star Trucker? Btw, Star Trucker looks great. @BrianRubin that one on your radar? Coming in 2024.

Hah I was just told about this on my Discord not a moment ago. Y’all must be watching the same thing.

En Guarde will all depend on the gameplay, but I really like the idea of an adventure game set in an Alexander Dumas type adventure.

And here was one where I was confused as to what the gameplay is. Is it basically a modern Thief? But apparently the demo is out now, so we can find out for ourselves?