E3 Season started early in 2023?

What was the name of the mars strategy game? It sounded like Space Ghost

Space Gears.

Next up is the OTK Games Expo, which seems to be in a pre-show phase already showing older games. I think that’s supposed to start the show for real in 25 minutes.

Spirit of the Samurai may be the first game I’ve seen this week with an Atari VCS platform badge. And at rough glance probably 75% or more coming to PC were only announced for Steam.

I was on a birthday party. On to watching today’s streams…

Future Games Show
Resistor: I don’t like those faces.
Star Trucker: …was the dinosaur part just bait?
Lords of the Fallen: It’s looking as a big leap from the previous game, right? At least on the visuals. Kinda surprising how low key the hype for this game is.
The Book Walker: short teaser, it was intriguing. Which I guess it means it successfully teased me.
Madison VR: slightly interested, but I never head of the “original” Madison game.
Moving out 2: Well, I had fun times with the nieces in the first game.
Warhaven: totally not interested in it, but I thought at least the mix of modern and fantasy was novel
Steamworld Build: It’s looking nicer and nicer, but these people don’t have experience in the genre, so I’m ambivalent.
Daymare: 1994 has strong janky-single A game. Looks potentially Dead Space-y?
This is the second time Hamerwatch 2 has gotten into one of these events, not bad for a small indie like them.
Station to Station: I give it the award of ‘game I won’t play but sure looks nice and cozy!’
Reka: It’s interesting how you can take a trite subgenre at this point, the survival/crafting game, and just give it a single gimmick (put it on top of two giant chicken legs from the Baba Yaga fables) and put some eastern european music to get a mood, and suddenly it is much more intriguing.
Reveil reminded me to some old 90s games where adventure puzzle games and pyschological horror were together lots of times.
Pacific Drive: what if Stalker, but with station wagon in the pacific NW?
Luto: I remember this horror game having also a sick teaser on the E3 2022 thread, nice to see it here too. Still, I won’t spoil myself with demos in this kind of game.
The Spirit of the Samurai: stop-motion puppets? Well, that was different!

Juicy 2D animations.

It feels like there are million of these 2D platformer/brawlers/whatevers

And 999,990 are gonna fail commercially

Wholesome games
Smushi Come Home looked the best of this series of games.
Surmount looked like fun in local coop.
Kibu looked super purty but to what end, you till the land and plant some potatoes? no thanks

Future of Play
Atomic Picnic: 4 player coop shooter/roguelite
Cavern on Dreams: I guess this is very nostalgic of ps1/n64 3d platformers?
Rune Fencer Illya: indie metroidvania, but it’s still on kickstarter campaign. Ugh.
Ritual Night:

Sorry but what the hell it’s a ‘roguelite social deduction game’. Are you throwing buzzwords? Because it seemed a clone of Among Us.
Also, in a way seeing this

was more sanity-loss inducing that a normal Chulthu.

Techtonica looks like a good automation game, but then again so are others in the genre, that I didn’t play.
Artic Awakening: I think I have seen this game on the previous year too, although the name doesn’t ring any bells.
Demon Spore: this looked original when I saw the first trailer a pair of months ago, and still looks good.
Psychroma: another very interesting horror game, which normally I would have skipped if I wasn’t watching these trailers. It reminded me somehow to a manga famous for how trippy it is, about a drug user.
Let’s Revolution: For a second this looked like a souped up fantasy minesweeper. I’m reading it’s actually a puzzle/roguelite game.
Airbone Empire: Flying city builder?

Agreed. And it looks like it’s only $16 since it launched on Steam today with a discount. But I think it’s also coming to Switch too, so I’ll probably wait for that, since a game like this, I want to play with my son on the big TV, not huddled around a computer.

I thought Frogsong also looked potentially interesting. Hopefully that’s also coming to home console too, not just Steam.

A lot of respect for these hosts btw. The Wholesome crew did a great job of staying in character as people who might be doing ASMR videos, trying to stay even keel and soothing the whole time. And the two prolific voice actors they get for the Future Games Show are always excellent at staying excited even as they read the (sometimes terrible) lines written for them. Just really professional all around. Very impressive.

The feed crapped out at that point, and when it came back it was Star Trucker.

This was supposed to be the dinosaur trailer for Instinction:

Oh that makes more sense. Not that the full trailer gets to clarify what type of game it will be.

I have to wonder if the developers who came up with toasterball were on drugs at the time.

From the OTK showcase that I missed yesterday. Looks somewhat janky but still promising.

Boti: Byteland looked a nice 3d platformed with coop.
Odinfall was a twin stick roguelite shooter, I will watch how it evolves on the roguelite thread.
Whisker Squadron is from the Race the Sun dev, and it seems a bit familiar to that, but being more actiony.
Patrick’s Parabox is a puzzle game that made my brain hurt.
Riftbound has a forgettable art… but at the end I notice what it truly is. It’s a roguelike Plants vs Zombies! Somehow it didn’t register at first.

I got up early for this! I believe this is the official stream.

Are we expecting anything exciting here?

All I’m really waiting on is the FF16 demo after the showcase later today.

Well, this won’t be for everyone, but I’m really hoping for some Avowed gameplay. I want Obsidian to do a better Skyrim game than Bethesda.

I’m also hoping they reveal Forza Motorsport’s campaign and that it’s an interesting one, and that they go back to FM5’s caRPG aspect where you had to earn money and buy cars instead of them having showered on you faster than you can drive them.

Thanks, I had opening thegameawards link (literally the first one youtube gave me) and comparing both, it seems yours has a slightly higher video bitrate.

-Cyberpunk expansion is supposed to show in some place, and given it didn’t in the Sony showcase nor in the sumergames festival…
-Some Forza trailer
-New Fable
-Unavowed, the Obsidian game
-maybe a teaser for whatever id next game is?
-Indiana Jones game from MachineGames
-Starfield obviously

The problem with YouTube is it’s 30-40 seconds behind Twitch.