E3 Season started early in 2023?

Oh hey, you’re right. Here’s the Twitch -

All right so! I think I’ll get to watch at least part of this, may have to catch Starfield later. But still - bring it on!

Thanks, 3 seconds ahead of The Game Awards stream. For maximum early excitement.

Cool, Richard Ayoade! Nice start.


Ricahrd Ayoade was not what I was expecting. Fable?

Almost undoubtedly.

Fable literally going for fables.

They had me with Louisiana blues-playing zombies.

the new Fable looks much better than any of the previous ones.

So is Fable doing a Honey-I-shrunk-the-kids style game like Grounded?

It gave me a Fable meets Shrek vibe.

Oh sweet, the Massive Star Wars game!

More like Jack and the Giant Ayoade (Giant Dean Lerner?)

South of Midnight: Interesting style, it reminds me a bit of stopmotion, interesting because we had yesterday a stopmotion game!
Alas, that wasn’t real gameplay.

Sigh, would be nice to see some gameplay at some point.

Gal Solo

Oh wow, out next year? Didn’t expect that. Could get delayed I suppose.

Star Wars game: I resent any SW game for not being Tie Fighter 2. But you know, it looks good.
Just remember this is a Ubisoft game, that’s a big asterisk.

Every time there’s a Star Wars anything that has obvious call-backs I revert to Rich Evans’ “AT-ST! AT-ST!” schtick. “RANCOR! AT-ST!”