Just had a decent-size 15 second jolt + roller in NoCal...USGS says 4.2.


Downgraded to 3.9... originated right in Berkeley, somewhat shallow.

Felt it bigtime in the city. The floors in the new building are somewhat bouncy (they even shake when people walk by in certain spots), though the building itself feels pretty solid (it's a squat long six-story). So when the quake happened the floor really shook. Lasted about two seconds but man, that was pretty decent for a 3.9.

--- Alan


Yeah, here in North Oakland it was like big trucks hit my apartment building for about 3 straight seconds. Scary!


Another one


Yah, felt that one too. Getting creepy around here....

Oh, and this afternoon's was upgraded to a 4.0

EDIT: USGS says 4.2 on this latest one.


Oh man it just happened again, right in the same area and depth. That felt a bit more powerful. We bounced a bit more at the office.

--- Alan


Hope these aren't foreshocks, but since they're getting bigger it might be a good idea to start taking some breakables off the shelves -- and maybe go buy some water.

EDIT: Looks like the latest one was just downgraded to 3.9.


No kidding. That same area has been shuddering all day too.

--- Alan


Downgraded again to a 3.8.

The seismologist lady on TV said to mellow out...small quakes don't often predict much.


Nobody is suggesting panic in the streets or anything, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Yea they're tiny and all, and California gets a ton of quakes this size all the time. Probably nothing big to worry about, it it doesn't hrut to go load up on ammo, barbed wire and a zombie survival guide, just in case.


Which is why I keep a pump shotgun and a machete under my pillow.


Seismic zombies. The worst kind of zombie?


The Japanese government has decided to start drinking Fukushima basement water.



Drinking water from Fukushima appears particularly idiotic since it is likely that fuel in the complex is still going critical sporadically. Amazingly interesting story:


7.4 Mexico city.


Well, a bit south of it.

One of my colleagues is on vacation in Mexico right now. I wonder if they felt it?


They've been reporting it all during the Lakers games, and I was kinda shocked that no one mentioned it here yet.


Small 4.0 earthquake off the coast here in LA last night but nothing too exciting. Windows rattled, walls rumbled for a few seconds. My daughter's first quake though in her 6+ months of life!


Didn't feel a thing in Pasadena.

Not that I'm complaining....


I slept right through it. I feel like I belong here!!