Earth Defense Force 4.1 & 5 - "The EDF deeeploys!", now with more mission repetition!




Damn, forgot this was coming out. And I just got back into Witcher 3 yesterday too. Will be on soon, to save the world, etc. Brian, you’re welcome to come over for some couch co-op if you want to kill some next-gen bugs.


That sounds appealing as hell, after the holidays of course, because FUCK the holidays omg so busy geezus.


Am I the only one that sings “destroys” instead of “deploys”?


Highly unlikely.


My all-time favorite exchange:

“Are you afraid?”
“I disagree!”


“The government has named these extraterrestrials Ravagers… Are they our friendly galactic neighbors?”


OMG the dialogue in 5 is so good.


Oh crap, forgot this was out this week and I just bought BF5 on sale. Game overload on top of my already existing game overload…aughghgh.


Impressions after 15 or so missions:


Dialogue, as above
Pickups apply across classes
Dupes upgrade existing weapons
Enemies show damage
So far, it seems like there’s a little more environment variety

Still looks like an ugly last gen game
Can’t play above hard until you complete the entire campaign
Stupid camera lock when it wants to force story on you
Stupid missions you can’t complete even in theory if you have the wrong loadout


Hmm, aren’t these the same Cons with every single EDF game? When will they finally count easier missions as completed if you finish that particular mission at a harder difficulty level? It’s stupid having to do the same mission on all 5 difficulty levels if you start it on Inferno.

The weapon upgrades, pickup changes, and enemy damage sound like great additions though. I guess I’ll wait for the inevitable drop under $40 since I’m overstocked as it is.


I thought this one did do that. Well, to a point, because you can’t start on inferno.


Pretty much. But in previous games you could jump up to inferno from the start. Now the highest you can go is hard until you finish every single mission on either easy normal or hard.


Wait, so they basically made it WORSE? You have to finish it at each easier difficulty level before playing Inferno? Holy crap.


No, just complete each mission on any of those three difficulties. But, yes, it’s worse.


Setting “Camera Effects” to “off” in the settings menu stops this.


Ooh, thanks. Does it disable anything else?

Anyway, more cons after another hour’s play:

“You’re good” is getting old fast.

Tunnel levels are still in the game, and still suck (luckily not many of them, according to one review I read).


Have you tried air raider yet? Was watching Wanderbot play some and he had a rather cool spider mech. Never played air raider much previously, since they were so support focused and pretty tough solo.


I’ve mostly been playing boring old ranger so far, while I unlock a good range of stuff. I was wing diver all the way in 4.1, but from what I hear they’re less fun this time as there are more energy sapping weapons so you can’t fly about as much. Once I get a third of the way through on normal I’ll probably switch things up a bit.


But if you complete a level on a harder difficulty level, do you also get credit for completing it on any easier difficulty levels as well? That’s the most infuriating thing about EDF to me. If I complete a level on Hard or Inferno, I shouldn’t have to waste my time completing it on Easy as well. Should automatically credit it for me.