Ebook Bargains


Why worry about that crap, especially on the internet where people think its cool to crap on everything other people like? If you like the book or think it may have value to someone else, post away. If even one person gets a book they like from it, the other opinions do not matter.


I think it is fair to characterize McCaffrey as YA fiction to a great extent, but I’d say it is relatively well-respected YA work. At least the early materials.

Later on it basically becomes fan-fic. And repetitive as hell. But when she was still treating it seriously, its decent work.


Is it categorized as young adult? I thought it was general SF.


It was general SF - it won a Hugo as I recall - but lots of older SF reads as YA stuff now. Most of Heinlein does.

Edit: ‘It’ winning the Hugo means the story Weyr Search, which makes up the first part of the first novel.


There were definitely Heinlein and McCaffrey novels that were actually aimed at younger readers. In McCaffrey’s case I think it was mainly the Harper trilogy, which I think I’ve always enjoyed most of her stuff.


Asimov wrote his Lucky Starr YA books too. I read a few. Read some Heinlein YA too.


It’s Science Fiction, general. One way to tell is all the heroes aren’t kids.


Which one was the one when this kid went into space. He brought too much in his one carry on. So he ate all of the chocolate and made himself sick. Then the ship got a hole in it and he used his scout uniform and his butt to plug it?


I think part of the reason that people have trouble categorizing the Pern books is that the content does vary across the different subsets. For instance, I’d call the Harper Hall books (Dragonsong/singer/drums) young adult. I think there’s one very tame sex scene and some pretty poor parenting with Menolly’s hand injury - beyond that it’s largely a coming-of-age story or two. Nothing I’d be worried about giving to a young teen.

But Dragonsdawn/flight/quest and The White Dragon deal with more adult content - non-consensual sex, abuse, some violence, various other bad stuff in society. Certainly I wouldn’t put them in a teenager’s hands without being damn sure to discuss it with them to work through some of those aspects. (And for the record, yes, I read those as a teen. Remembering my own reactions is why I feel that way now.)


Now that I think about it I think you’re right; at the time when the Harper Hall stuff came out it was basically billed as YA.

— Alan


Completely flipping incredible trilogy and right now books 1 and 2 are a dollar each and book 3 is 2. You need these in your life.


Gonna trust you on this one. OK, a few bucks, not that much of a stretch. Plus, it knocks out two goals on the 2019 book club, being in a genre I love and as a recommendation from a fellow Qt3’er. So what the heck.


I bite too. Gonna be a nice holiday season.


I got them as well.


As did I. Have heard good stuff about that series, and at that price it’s a no brainer.


I liked the first book well enough, and had the rest of the series on my “to read” list. I had no idea that the third book had released. What a bargain, thanks!


Thanks! You just saved me ten bucks. (Or more likely saved my friends ten bucks, since those were on my Amazon wishlist.)


Revenant Gun was only .99 as well. Got the series for 3 bucks. First Ive heard of this series but for that price I figured that I may as well bite.


Hmmm, it was 1.99 when I bought it yesterday, but it is indeed .99 now. Congrats! You get an extra dollar savings for waiting a day.


Nice! Yeah, it must have gone down.