Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki

Are they +X? Pretty sure mine is the basic +nuthin’ one, and I haven’t come across anything better.

DS 3 bosses were faster than previous games for the most part, and I would agree with you that there are a lot more manic hyper bosses in ER.

Wiki says the weaker is 15%, the stronger 19%.

I’m going to hunt down whoever made the Rolling dough boy. Seriously screw you.

Hmm, I’ve been playing Vagabond which starts with a Fat Roll, and I’ve seen quite a few beginner’s guide videos insisting that you need to reduce weight to Medium. I didn’t want to swap out my knight’s armor so I’ve been Fat Rolling, but I’ve finally boosted my Endurance high enough that I can Medium Roll. It does seem to make a fair bit of difference in being able to actually avoid hits.

I only recently found a 100% physical block shield, but after defeating my first big enemy with it, I want more shield action! I watched that video upthread about how to make the shield build even better and that’s very tempting. Currently my shield can only take one hit from a giant enemy and i lose all my stamina.

Yeah in addition to more distance with the rolls, medium has more iframes.

I love my shield, but there’s definitely some moves put you in vulnerable staggered status, even with 100% blocking.

Did you upgrade the weapon at all to improve the scaling and just forgot about it?

I think I know where you are and it’s pretty crazy. It had some fun regular enemies.


I had it at +6 for an eternity before finally getting some 7 stones. So I was just seeing the existing scale be better with higher and higher int. I have it at +9 right now and the numbers are crazy.

Thoughts on rolling/dodging from a novice Souls guy. Everyone tells me, everything I read, says I really need to embrace the roll. I have not gotten the hang of it yet; whenever I roll I can never re-orient myself to the mob soon enough. I’m liking block and parry very much. I’m a Vagabond so I have the heavier armor; roll is not my friend yet anyhow. Do you think I’m OK to leave it alone for a while still (I’m on my first 4 or 5 hours maybe still) or do I want to invest in some lighter (mediumer?) armor sooner rather than later and get on a roll?

I used the vagabond armor for a long time. I am also a firm believer in putting stats into stamina. It’s nice in ER that the same stat helps equip load.

I’ve never been able to get parrying down well in a Souls game. I use a shield, but rely much more upon rolling.

I’m only playing in short bursts (because it’s intense and exhausting despite my love of it) and got invaded by an AI for the first time last night at some church. She killed me once, but then I killed her. Felt good.

Make sure to lock onto your target! Then the camera auto orientates. I would practice your dodged and the timing to get used to it - honestly it’s pretty forgiving even with a medium load.

I’ve got around 90 hours into this so far.

So after watching that video I linked I started a vagabond and followed it pretty closely, though I went with the brass shield over teh turtle one. Got the cross-naginata at +4, hit 26th level, cleared out quite a bit, I’ve died more from falling off of cliffs than enemies, mini-bosses are dying quite easily since I upgraded my lone wolf pack, and probably around 30th or so I’ll try Margit.

God damn it, @Scotch_Lufkin , I am starting to look back on the cinematic aspects of that fight fondly. 😆

I still think the beginning was a big drag and there were too many giant AoEs, though.

I ended up watching folks react/try that fight on various videos after I beat it - so much fun to watch after the pressure to get through it is off.