Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki

I have not figured out the Great Rune and runes thing, to be honest. Don’t you lose the great rune if you die while using it?

No, but you lose the benefit of using a Rune to activate it. I tend to forget about them but if a boss fight is giving you trouble it is worth using.

OK, I’ll need to look up how to use the runes. So if I’m using Godrick’s Great Rune and I activate it with a rune, and I die, do I lose the ability to activate if for the rest of the game? My odds of dying when taking on a boss are close to 100% the first time, LOL. (I just fought the Godrick the Grafted - again? - at the Evergaol close to when you first enter the Altus Plateau, and I almost gave up. But tried it over and over and over and over, using Renalla’s Full Moon and my +10 Moonveil and finally beat him on the 10th or 11th try. I’m so Mage oriented that i spend my time trying to keep space and throw the spell and forget if he closes on me and I can dodge, I can do some decent damage with the Moonveil special.)

The Altus Plateau is pretty. I think I’m going to abandon my goal oriented focus for a while and just play like I play most open world games, just explore.

There are Great runes, like Godrick’s, and the the rune arcs you pick up. Once you have activated the Great Rune, you get its attributes by using a Rune arc. With Godrick’s (my favorite) you get 5 levels on everything. But you only keep those levels until you die. Upon death you need to use a Rune arc again to get the levels back. So you really can’t afford to be always using Rune arcs if you die a lot.

Each great Rune has different attributes.

rats used to drop rune arcs. you can buy them, too or gind them. Or you get them when you help coop killing a boss.

Yea, rats just drop runes now.

Altus Plateau is huge. Explore. There are lots of things to do before you enter Leyndell.

Ah, thanks, I’d misunderstood how the Great Runes work. I’ve got a pile of runes I’ve never used nor known how to use. Sounds like charging in with Godrick’s activated the first time you take on a new boss is not a good idea. Maybe try out the boss, figure him/her out, then if you’re close and need a boost take the super pill.

Exactly, or at least that is how I do it.

Cool. learned something new. Somehow missed that in the manual. ;)

Speaking of learning, I’m baffled by something. I’m across the broken bridge, double back below/on the side below it just exploring. Oh, all Altus Plateau. I am on some rocks that look like they have mineral veins in them. I’m in a spot covered with messages saying “Attack!” “Here!” “Try Attack!” So I’m hitting the rocks with my sword, but nothing. A little past this is a message and a guy pointing towards this saying something about “Stone Astrolabe so Attack!”

What am I missing here?

(Also - this place is filled with odd weird noises, like a million coughs and weird animal noises. Creep noises like I’m in the middle of the land of Chain Saw Killers. Also learned what Death Blight is.)

I am not sure where you are but I am going to guess you are above the ruins with the Greyworm things that cause death blight. They do make a weird sound.

They are all over the low valley in the middle of the area.

Have you seen the crazy dancing women?

LOL! Not yet! Just when I think this game is getting old, they throw new interesting stuff at you. Yeah, down by the Tree, just cleared the ruins and the tunnel south of there.

I have also discovered by +10 Mimic is a much more accomplished fighter than I am.

Well, krud. I thought my Moonveil was +10. It’s actually +9. I need a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone (two, one for my Wing of Astel (after I find a 9 to get it to 9 and one for my Moonveil.)

I would have sworn I’d full upgraded my Moonveil, but with a name like Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone I’m sure I had to do something epic to get it.

There are only something like 8 or 9 in the game. I don’t remember when you can get the first one. Probably in Leyndell or afterwards.

I warned ya, =)

I believe the one conceivable way for you to try to get one now is:

Teleport to Mohgwyn Palace, which I think you can do because I believe you mentioned encountering the bird farm and all the sleeping albinaurics on the hill, BUT you need to go into what I consider a fairly difficult dungeon to find a specific chest

You’d have to progress to endgame to get the other locations.

Leyndell is close, but he needs to specifically unlock the “Leyndall, Capital of Ash” site of grace.

If you have WOA at +8 and Moonveil at +9, you should just switch to “explore and adventure in general mode” because the specific goal of getting either one of those to +10 will be fairly difficult. Gear/level-wise, you’re ahead of where I was by comparison (as I said, I basically had Moonveil at +7 for a really long time), but I wince at remembering how crazy the Consecrated Snowfield and whatnot were.

I looked it up and yea, he is a long way from getting the Moonveil to +10. But + 9 is pretty good.

I’m pretty sure you’re by the hardest to find of the 3 ‘seals’ that are a riddle for the hidden tower west of there. Explore until you find a small pedestal and it will give you the instructions and a map. You need to touch 3 blue glowing ‘seals’ to reveal the tower. One is right there at the pedestal to let you know what you’re on the lookout for. But the hard one is well hidden.

Just started playing this about a week ago and hey, it’s a pretty good game!

I tried a few of the different classes. I then spent a few hours following some of the “OP” YouTube videos that require you to visit 73 different places in the world to get the items you need, but after doing that a while I felt bad about doing it for my initial run. So I decided to stick with one character and play it “naturally.” Not blind though. I’m actually following a really good YouTube series that presents a natural, organic way of leveling up your character. I know a lot of the purists may frown on this approach (because you’re basically being spoonfed all the strategy) but coming in six months after the game launches I would like to experience a lot of it before I inevitably drift off to something else. I’ve also started trying some of the content in a new area before I see recommendations from the YouTube video.

Bosses are still hard though!

Oh yeah, I also spent about a week and a half reading this thread and boy am I exhausted now.

Seems in character with your handle ;)

Link please?

I don’t think following a walk thru is bad as long as you play the area first. My method has been to explore fully an area then watch one of the videos that show what you probably still missed, and you will miss stuff.

The “Get OP Fast” videos are a waste of time to me.because in most cases you have to be pretty good to do what they tell you to do. Plus, they spoil stuff.