Fall 2018 TV shows (returning and new)


Nope. Do they imply that it’s god or something like that?


Getting some major Lost and 4400 vibes. I’m willing to give this a chance.


From the ads, Manifest looked like it was generated by a markov chain fed the descriptions of various mystery box shows (Lost, The Returned, The 4400, etc). Or, to be old school, mad libs.

A bunch of people < disappear / are killed > < on an airplane / into thin air / from their beds> and return <7 years> later with <amnesia / super powers / enlightenment / all of the above>.


We watched Manifest. It was enjoyable enough that we will DVR it. It might be one of those series that fades away from us after a few episodes instead of holding out attention.

Anyway, it’s a good thing to find something we will both take the time to watch together. The GF watches more TV than I do so I need to make some time to hang with her and watch something.


I watched FBI. It’s a show from Dick Wolf (Law & Order), so its beats are already pretty familiar to all of us. You know how L&O would always start with someone hanging out and they’d find a body? Well, in this it was kids just hanging out until their building blew up. FBI is on the scene, and through the course of the episode our suspects are black drug gangs, MS-13, and White Supremacists.

If there weren’t already too many good shows on TV, I could totally seeing myself watch this like I used to watch Law & Order. Dick Wolf knows how to make a compelling TV episode.


Watching the Murphy Brown… continuation and the first episode isn’t bad! Plus there’s a fun cameo.


Watched New Amsterdam, thought it was interesting. Also watched the new Magnum P.I., it was decent. Didn’t watch the original much, so not sure how it compares. I do like the new Higgins.


Manifest and New Amsterdam had really solid premier numbers.

Magnum and FBI did OK, either could’ve done better.

A Million Little Things is pretty descriptive of the ratings it got. 1.1 for the premiere and in trouble already.

Murphy Brown did OK, especially for its time slot.


I actually enjoyed the Season 3 Lethal Weapon premiere a lot more than I’d anticipated - Sean William Scott is always cool by me, but I extra enjoyed him for some reason here. The conceit that brought them together and partnered them up by the end of the episode was… a little tough to swallow, even given the nature of such an over the top show, but at least they didn’t make us wait to get the “gang” back together.


I hope it picks up, my wife’s friend is one of the female leads


Murphy Brown feels really retro – few stylistic changes from the 80s/90s series so it feels like it was on the plane in Manifest.

But I’m okay with that. Was just really fun to see all of these characters again. No Eldon, which made me look up what happened to Robert Pastorelli. Dang.

Manifest earned a season pass. I’m intrigued.


So far I’ve watched FBI and Manifest, and Magnum, I may give New Amsterdam a shot.

I’m in love Missy Peregrym, and thought she was great in the Canadian summer series Rookie Blues.

I was underwhelmed with FBI, it is pretty much a by-the-numbers police procedural. I’ll give it two more episodes. Magnum was perhaps a tad better than Hawaii Five 0, I like the cast and since I’ve seen the red Ferrari a couple of times around town. I’ll probably watched a few more times.

I did like Manifest, decent acting, and I’m intrigued enough to be curious to find out the mystery.


Checked out 3 new shows over the past week.

Magnum P.I. was enjoyable. The premiere was a little too Michael Bay, so I hope they tone that down a bit, but the characters were all likeable and it captured the same feeling as the original while putting a fresh face on it. Much like the new version of Hawaii 5-0, the show often felt like a tourism video for Hawaii…which is not a bad thing at all.

FBI was OK. The premiere did not give you much of a chance to warm to any of the characters yet, but it did have an interesting plot line. This is a bog-standard Dick Wolf joint, a serialized crime drama in 3 acts, just like every Law and Order show ever. The only difference here is that Acts 2 & 3 both center on the investigation (making a big leap between acts), as so far there is no prosecutorial element to the show.

New Amsterdam was good. It helps that Ryan Eggold is charismatic enough to carry the initial episode all by himself, but the rest of the cast does come together well in the pilot, enough so that by the end of the episode you’re looking forward to seeing more of most of them. I’ve never been a huge fan of hospital dramas, House was literally the only hospital show I ever watched regularly. But last season’s The Resident and now New Amsterdam this season both have something just different enough to stay interesting week to week. I will say that I am not a fan of Eggold’s character having a pregnant wife. I found the actress kind of annoying, and the idea that this guy would be taking on this particular job, and the massive hours and stress it induces, while being an expectant father, to be a little unbelievable.


I watched God Friended Me. What? It was on after 60 minutes and I was curious.

Anyway, it’s very cheesy and over the top. But it has potential. If they can dial back the cheese factor a little, it could be a very nice substitute for Early Edition, remember that show, where the guy got tomorrow’s newspaper today? This show has the same vibe. God sends friends suggestion over social media about people who need help.


Awww, your chart went away. That’s a shame.

I wonder if the new season of The Good Place has premiered yet?


Fixed it! And yes, the good place is 3 episodes in I believe.

Haven’t watched it yet!

I have heard ZERO buzz regarding the Charmed reboot, and did anyone see Camping on HBO?


4 episodes, with a 5th either out or dropping tonight. And Camping is getting critically panned from what I have seen, though it’s not the sort of thing I would watch anyway.


Ah ok I saw David Tennant was in camping and I was hoping it would be good .


Tried to watch the pilot of Camping…couldn’t finish it, just didn’t grab me, which is a shame because I am a fan of both Garner and Tennant.

Watched Charmed with the expectation that I wouldn’t like the reboot, and surprisingly enjoyed it. I’ll continue to watch to see where it goes.


Damn, that was my expectation as well, but now I want to try it too. Maybe I’ll wait a few weeks and watch the first episodes all at once.