Fallout 76 - Multiplayer, online, BGS Austin


This is a missunderstament. They should have released with a clear “Early Access” label, and declaringit a spin-off of the real serie. They did some of that by telling people is going to have bugs, but it was Todd who did, and everything he says at this point sounds somewhat fake so people did not paid attention.

The game is fun, but all around it seems to be a total disaster.


Hit level 50 last night. Still loving it, warts and all. It’s like Fallout 4 on steroids with all of the side affects of 'roids, but with a ton of excellent gameplay as well.

When it works, of course. Two plus hours of shutdown yesterday for some stability fix or something, dreadful forum structure (everything is sort of crammed into a flat space with no sub-topics or anything), many odd bugs like fast travelling to my camp and appearing each time embedded in solid rock (I can easily get out by jumping, but still), stuff like that.

But, shotgun to the face of a glowing Wendigo? Excellent.


I think for me, the Jury is still out on that one. There are still technical problems holding up the fun, but I have had fun with it, but I have also been super frustrated by it as well.

I have always loved open world exploration games, heck, I spent a lot of time in WoW just traveling around and enjoying the world-building and scenery. I love that kind of thing, and Fallout 76 has a lot of world-building. It is fairly empty, but it also is meant to feel that way, based on the story.

If you are going to play with a friend, fun could be had. Alone? I don’t know.


Maybe not fundamentally but the Stash increase made the game a whole lot funner for me personally! Scrapping stuff I wanted to keep because it didn’t fit in my stash was really killing it for me. So yeah, it’s even better now


True, but I would argue that the stash size increase is only relevant to those who already enjoyed the game quite a bit. If they bounced off it, they wouldn’t have run into those stash size limits. :)


No offense, but why rely on other’s opinions? You can watch a couple of hours of Youtube videos and determine for yourself whether you think the game looks fun or not, right?


None taken grifman you are absolutely right. I did watch a stream the other day and I was impressed with a lot of it. Thanks all for your observations. I plan on waiting it out until it gets cheaper and/or maybe a better solo element (though it looks as though solo isn’t really a problem now).


$15 and I’m in.


I offer $11 CAD as my threshold.


I will play for a fee of $7 per hour, if there is an occasional backrub.


I’ll go for an even $10. But with a nice canvas bag, I’d go as high as $12.



The Canvas Bag is a Lie!


$24.99 and they can keep the canvas bag. I’ll be in. No one should have to pay more than 25 bucks for a game. Damn Far Cry series retains it’s value ….


But you could use the canvas bag to take papers into work.


I think it was you I quoted on “no one pays more than $25 bucks a game” LK. And there is no way I could bring a “Fallout ‘76’” canvas, leather, or solid gold bag to court. It just wouldn’t do.



I watched the Angry Joe review - it is merciless. And funny. Does not look like a good game based on the review.

But a lot of Bethesda games come down to your own personal enjoyment out of mild world-exploring, e.g. how much you like the 50’s post-apocalyptic vibe. If you like it enough, it’s fun just to walk around and shoot the odd thing. Personally it’s getting a bit old to me but I’m an unsatisfied cynic at times.


Paging @tomchick, someone asked if a game is “fun”. The f word has been used. ;-) ;-) ;-)


I dunno about Tom. I suspect he’s on the fence on this. But I do know I am around 24 hours from pulling the trigger.


I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.