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You would think that after FO4 at least they would have begun work on the next gen open-world action RPG engine, yeah.


I kind of wonder if they have, and FO76 was a stop-gap while they developed the new engine for Elder Scrolls 6.

Given how Bethesda has been handling everything lately, though, I think that might just be a tad optimistic. :)


Hehe… I am sure it will be a further enhanced version of the Creation Engine they have been using for like 8 years now?

I mean as we all can see, F76 has 16 times the graphical fidelity of Fallout 4. ;)




In this case, I’ll allow it.

I’ve seen moments that did make me stop, stunned, and exclaim out loud “What is even going on here?”


FO76 has that weird dissonance where the environment and landscapes can be breathtaking but the models and animations can be really poor. It’s like a weird mix of 2018 with 2006.

I felt the same way with Fallout 4, but it’s just amplified here.


Yes, it’s a weird sort of disharmony. The vistas are amazing at times, especially now that you can turn down the depth of field setting a bit on PC at least, and the way locations are crafted is first rate often enough. Models are still meh at best, yeah, and animations range from pretty good to downright mystifying, as do the physics.

It sort of reminds me of Kingdom Come:Deliverance, though with more “stuff,” and perhaps more glitches. Both do a great job of creating a world you can simply be in, and like it.



KevinC I wonder if Fallout 4 now with the high texture pack etc cured some of those problems there. Certainly nuka-world and fog island seemed pretty good looking. I am just speaking to your comment on dissonance (which I agree with originally but I think it may have improved). In Fallout 4 – I dunno bout Fallout '76 I resisted the impulse.


There’s an Enderal mod coming out. They should use those guys to keep the series ticking over while someone else works out how to get stuff up and running in Unreal.


Thanks for pointing me to New California. Loaded it up and have been enjoying it.


I’m not sure if it would help in my case. It’s mostly the animation of the models that seems very dated, and the quality of the models themselves poor. The issues I personally have don’t relate to sharpness of textures or blurriness or anything like that.


Yes I have to agree with you. There is no way around it some (if not most) of the Fallout 4 (and I presume '76) animations are just janky and odd. The ghouls occasionally surprise me but nothing really looks very good moving.


This game is far superior to all games.

Except bugs. Where have far more and biggers.


Box quote!


Burma Shave!


Teiman is not far off, though. There is a cubic butt-load of stuff to explore and discover, and the combat is passable to decent most of the time.

The bugs, though, oy vey. Everyone knows about the intermittent disconnections, but now I’m getting the same sort of thing when I try to interact with, say, a cooking station. Except it just flashes for a sec and then nothing, I’m standing there and it won’t actually let me use the station. There seems to be one of those “lost connection to the server” messages that comes in and goes out from the right ultra-fast, but that’s about it. Bizarre.

At least it no longer requires killing via Task Manager when I exit to desktop.



Pistols should fire as fast as I can click the mouse button.

This is literally the thing I crave.


But… if it works this way then the accuracy has to drop for each shot. That’s how it works in real life.


Not in a RPG way, you just move the sights a bit with the recoil from each shot.