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It trusts them both generally.

The server only knows where you are because you tell it where you are and it then passes that information to the other player. If that player shoots you where you were on his client, the server sends that information to you and you get hit.

Of course the reality Is generally that your client tells the server you’re teleporting around randomly and shooting the other guy in the head 5 times. So what the other guy sees is you blinking around and then he dies.

The other thing you can do is lag-switch. The game is basically frozen for you while you run around, but to the other players you’re teleporting around shooting them all in the head (since on your screen they’re all just standing there or the like).


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Yet if you’re hoping to explore the room for yourself, you may want to think twice before attempting the procedure. Several sources told me Bethesda is now issuing automatic account suspensions for those who enter the room. Players are reportedly being informed of the bans via email, and take anywhere from six to 24 hours to be issued.


Their ineptitude knows no bounds. Dupe bugs, a GM treasure room, and they have no way to track stolen GM treasure once it’s transferred from the characters that looted it.


Their PR guy has been radio silent for two months.


I am filling in for him, see posts above. ;)


It’s inexperience as most of their teams haven’t done any persistent multiplayer of any kind and they tried to bolt this onto the single player game engine. Preventing duping is actually non-trivial to solve if you haven’t designed all of your systems to be fully transactional and atomic. A lot of the issues I keep reading about just don’t surprise me. The engine was not built for multiplayer, and the game wasn’t built by devs with a lot of experience on persistent multiplayer (let alone normal multiplayer).


I had thought that the dev team on this was the Austin-based group that’s full of MMO veterans, though? I could be completely mistaken, but I had thought that one of this dev team’s core competencies was the kind of persistent MMO stuff that has plagued part of the FO76 launch and succeeding months.


They released a patch today that’s supposed to deal with some of the duping.

I got this for Christmas and it might be because I play at off times but it’s not the train wreck I thought it would be. I play the Fallout games mainly to explore the map and not for the story. This scratches that itch pretty well. The map is huge and it has the same environmental story telling the other games had so I’m happy.

Multiplayer hasn’t been a grief fest which might be because I play late at night. I did have one memorable moment due to multiplayer. There was a level 12 player calling for help because he was trapped in a building by a level 40 monster. It felt quite heroic to charge in with my level 20 character to save the day. I prefer to play solo rather than with strangers so most of my encounters are usually nothing more than waving hello and moving on. I’m still mid level so I’m not sure if Ill need to group with others to survive the higher level mobs but right now the game feels soloable. As for the endgame, that might be an issue but Im still aways from that.

Sometimes I’ve run into unstable servers but a lot of the time I’ve been able to play for hours without any server issue. There are some weapon balance issues. I think they going to address that in a patch at the end of January.

The Atom shop doesn’t have any “must have” items in it to me. I do get atoms just playing the game from numerous small daily challenges and from completing quests so spending money isn’t the only option.

Charging $60 at launch for this wasn’t a smart decision and i wouldnt be happy if i bought it then. For $30 I think it’s worth the price if you play Fallout for the map exploration and not for the story.


There is absolutely no reason this game needed to be online.


Yes, and no. Yes, in that it has the makings of a perfectly fine Fallout 4.5-type solo game. No, in that it’s pretty clear that the design intent includes working with ideas that are rooted in multiplayer experiences. That is, it seems to me that the designers fully intended for the presence of other players and the shared experience of adventuring in the wastelands with others to be central to the overall game experience. It’s pretty clear that they wanted players to develop communities, set up trading, even band together to fight off other players, etc. Hence the lack of human NPCs–I really think they hoped players would fill those gaps.

The problem is that, for whatever reason (engine limitations, team limitations, etc.) they simply could not pull it off. The team may well have, individually, had great experience with online games, but the combo of trying to adapt a creaking old single-player engine to a modern MMO environment, a new team that as far as I know didn’t have a lot of experience working together, and Zenimax’s no doubt intense pressures to monetize everything seems to have seriously undercut execution.

Now, I’ve put maybe a hundred or more hours into this thing, on two characters, and I still really enjoy the experience…most of the time. But it’s objectively a dumpster fire/train wreck/whatever of a disaster in oh so many ways. The stuff they want to do I think can’t be done the way they are trying to do them. Their reach is far exceeding their grasp.


That is exactly right. There is no excuse for their incompetence.


And then they didn’t create any of the systems that would make those things possible or required.

They should’ve made it a private server game. Basically Fallout 4.5 with the ability to have your friends join your session. But there wasn’t enough cash in milking people for microtransactions in that design, so it wasn’t going to happen.