Far Cry 5 - Hope springs eternal


I mostly skipped the last three Far Cry games, so maybe I can finally play a game with these elements this time, and it will be fresh for me.

I’ll have to consult my advisor @TimJames on this. He might advise me to wait until Far Cry 6 before finally experiencing this particular game template.


Yeah I know, it’s about presenting the tone and idea to the player.

I suppose it will be in a remote valley and the first thing they will do will be blowing up the only communications tower. If to add they add that the entire canon storyline happens over a short time frame (2-3 days) then it’s believable that the police doesn’t appear until the end of the game.


Is the main character going to be a Native American? I imagine that would explain his skill at hunting, skinning, crafting, and etc. I assume a bow and arrow will be used for stealth? :)


They haven’t said as far as I know. It’s just “you’re a junior deputy” and that’s it so far.


I’m going on that image with the guy on the back of the 4-wheeler. He looks a little like he might be, and I imagine that’s the Player Character (just a guess). Also, while I know Longmire is filmed elsewhere, doesn’t it also take place in Montana? Native Americans are a big part of that show, iirc.


I hope they make so you fill your health drinking beer. And that you can have 6 beers with you to quickly heal you in combat, with a drinking beer animation. Like that animation the Farcry in africa had.



I said earlier that I think the player will be Native American, at least half anyway. That would fit with the far cry mysticism bits you get with the tattoos and the player “rediscovering” his ties to nature, etc. Being a Native American would also bookend the story with “taking America back” as the game director said in his interview.


According to Kotaku, you can choose your sex and skin color. So probably we are looking at more of a blank slate character.


Interesting. Well, I guess they can still say you’re part Native American no matter your skin color.

In a change for the series, you can choose to play as a man or woman and pick your skin color. You’re a junior deputy on the police force, though how you wound up in Hope County is a secret.[/quote]


Yeah, that’s true. They will have to give you some background at least.


Well, the protagonist of FC4 didn’t seem to have any qualifications for becoming a one-man wrecking crew of frequent murder. I don’t even recall that the game established that he even got out of the house much before he started killing people from under water.

At least the dude in FC3 did extreme sports.


Ah, I missed that. I completely agree with you! :)


It was in his genes. He was the main villain’s son, right?


More art:


Skin 10 bears to craft one of those stupid hats with drinking straws.


That’s probably incentive enough for the MAGA crowd to overlook their objections to the game.


I agree, as improbable as it sounds, I do find this setting much more interesting than the last two.

I’ll also note, as counterpoint to the religious cult, there is also a pastor revealed in the trailers as one of the resistance members. So there is a voice for a more “conventional” view of religion/Christianity.


That trailer looks pretty cool. Looking forward to this.


Hm, I don’t think I played far enough to be sure about that. But Min did seem pretty solicitous, so I suspected something was up.


Yeah I’d guess that this is just another Far Cry 3 style game with a different setting. I wish they’d go back to the Far Cry 2 gameplay, but I think that ship has sailed since Far Cry 2 was a relative failure commercially and critically compared to Far Cry 3 (or so I’ve heard). It would be nice if they could have a separate series with Far Cry 2 style gameplay, sort of like the Wing Commander Privateer of Far Cry.