Far Cry: New Dawn - It's Far Cry 5.5


However, these discrete missions in ND sound like they’ll be a lot more varied. One might be a timed maze, another might be like the Vietnam DLC for Far Cry 5, another could be like the dream missions in Far Cry 4, etc.


Can you turn off the damage numbers…?


They also added healthbars above enemies’ heads, so the damage numbers shouldn’t be strictly necessary.

Got to hand it to ubisoft, yes they’re releasing a game with the same map a year later and all, but it isn’t just a reskin, they really do put some effort into the off-year releases.


Primal was a fantastic game, along with being my favorite in the entire series! And as we all know it re-used the FC4 map… :)


Yes, and blood dragon re-used part of the FC3 map too. Ubisoft has two teams working on A (mainline) and B (crazy/far-out) Far Cry releases on alternate years.

I’ll bet you fourteen platinum-plated quatloos the Far Cry following 6 has a spaghetti western theme.


Did FC5 have towers? I missed them in Primal believe it or not. I wonder if 5.5 will have towers.

I likes to climb.


No, you reveal the map and find points of interest in a more organic way now. One of the primary innovations in FC5. You aren’t constantly running between map icons ticking entries off a list.

I mean, you kind of are. But it feels less exhausting than in previous games.


Ah cool , I should have probably started playing FC5 that I picked up over the winter sales, but damn if the Metro games didn’t grab my attention for now. Its sorta nice not having an open world to distract me.


Far Cry 4 really felt the same as 3, but 5 is a nice improvement. You should move it towards the top of your queue.

Also some of the voice acting is really excellent in this game.


Alternatively, as someone who also loved FC:P, FC5 is terrible in every conceivable way.


Will it have true co-cop this time where each player gets to progress the game, not just the host?


Physical copies of Far Cry 5 seem to be 15 bucks at GameStop. Although pre owned seem to be 35, so maybe some mistake…



Times anything = UGHHHH for me.
Dream Missions = UGUGUG for me.


If timing isn’t a core mechanic, perhaps used for better rewards or something, and the whole mission is optional, I’m fine with it.

Dream missions are all good, you can put freaky shit in there. I enjoyed some of the spirit missions in FC4.


Now Bal I am not the safest person to argue with you… and believe me I agree with a lot you’ve said about Far Cry 5 … but I will say there was truly a LOT to like about Far Cry 5 == those great open scenes, the walking along the road with your sisters (and an m60), the voice acting, the music and some of the meta gameplay.

Though I agree the game failed in the end (story wise and creepy guy in your face wise --yecch), it was an awful lotta fun hitting a campsite with a cougar, an airplane, and a sniper rifle.

(machine gunning convoys, rocket launcher on boats, trailor parks with grenades)

It gets an overall 2 1/2 as I mentioned above (KG stars) and the negatives UBI could have easily corrected.


As a stand-alone game, FC5 might be decent. The things the bring it down are that it’s worse than every other Far Cry since FC1.

Montana is not half as interesting as the Himalayas or a Tropical Archipelago. It might be more interesting than somewhere in Africa, but even that is a stretch.

I didn’t find any of the redneck NPCs in this game to be half as interesting as a random animal companion in FC:P. Also? They always got in the way or revealed you when trying to go stealth. This ruined the stealth mechanic of the game.

A corner stone of Far Cry play, stealthfully raiding enemy bases, flushed down the toilet for redneck NPC voice overs?

The only thing they were good for was reviving you when the redneck SEAL teams would take you down from half a mile out.

Everyone did play it on Hard, right?

Yes, I even hated the weird redneck religious music.

I’m not sure what you mean by meta gameplay. Do mean finding all the collectibles? Like awesome journal entries from WW2 Japanese soldiers in FC3? Or the journals from Ajay’s dad in FC4? I don’t think you do, because they don’t exist in FC5. Lighters? Comic books? Bleh. Even random blue rocks in FC:P were more satisfying.

I can deconstruct and hate on this game without even bringing up the wonderful story aspects.

If you’re looking for a good FC experience after FC3, FC4, and FC:P, then Ghost Recon Wildlands and the new AC:Os are a more faithful FC sequel than FC5 is.

The irony, of course, is that since I love FC games, and I loved them all, I pre-ordered the $90 version with all the DLC. I would certainly love this one, too, right? How could they fuck it up?

I literally uninstalled it less than one minute after I finished it. It might be a bigger disappointment in my 35 years of gaming than Wing Commander 2 was.


Bal … I find myself disliking this game far more that I thought I liked it now that I have heard your points.

Lol I can’t help it though. There were times in sunny Montana where I was blowing up stuff that it was a lot of fun. But now that I know it was so bad I will repress those happy, fleeting memories and grumble about the … wait … Wing commander 2 was bad? Was that with mark Hamill? oh I recall why that was bad. yeah that betrayal … ok well. Good point again. If my memory serves.

(Edit: I am not sure – I recall being mad about a Wing Commander ending and … I’ll have to do some old research)

Bal you should be a trial lawyer! I agree with every single point you made! But I still enjoyed 47 percent of Far cry 5 a lot.


Wing Commander 3 was the first one with Mark Hamill. WC1 and 2 were both fully animated. Not sure why WC2 falls under the ‘worst game ever’ category. Because it wasn’t.

FC5 reminds me of ME3 in that the gameplay getting to the ending was fun (ME3 > FC5, because of the stupid way it took you out of the game for forced missions, but other than that it was a fun time), but the ending of both were as bad as could be.



All right, so this is looking slightly more interesting to me as time goes on. But I didn’t play 5, nor 4, or even the one where you’re a caveman. I played Blood Dragon though! It was pretty awesome. Anyway, this kind of looks like it picks up from the weird Montana cult thing, wonder if I can just jump in on this one without worrying about that game? I mean, yeah, I know I could, I’m just wondering if there’s anything going on here I should know.