Far Cry: New Dawn - It's Far Cry 5.5


Eh, I still had far more fun with FC 5 than with FC 3, but not as much as I had with FC 4. Though 3 and 4 were very similar/identical in many ways, the protagonist in 3 was horrible and the setting in 4 was great, IMO. FC 2 at the time was great, but I tried to replay it recently and just could not get into it. FC 1 until the sci-fi stuff and FC P are definitely solid though.


It’s 17 years after Far Cry 5, so there will probably be some mild connections. I am sure you can just jump right into New Dawn and not miss much.

I am about 1/3 of the way thru FC5 and while sure Montana looks great, its sorta boring. So I am pretty hyped for New Dawn. I pre-ordered at a pretty good discount and will fire it up after I finish FC5 this weekend.


Other than the change of setting, is there a summary somewhere of how this differs from FC5?


Just from what I know:

  • Gun crafting, not just ammo and drugs
  • One main home base that you upgrade via quests and gathering materials, like the home cave in Primal
  • You can choose to resettle enemy camps when you conquer them, or let them restock with harder enemies for greater rewards
  • No Cheeseburger


Well, it ain’t paradise, so…


Far Cry 5: Pink dawn. I actually am looking forward to grabbing it. But it seems kinda weird.


I heard you like reviews:


Heh, it seems like “Far Cry Fallout” sort of.


I’ve seen a lot of comments about people being excited to have the dog ride along in the bike’s side car. Is this something people actually want?


Well, I’m sure dogs would like it. I mean, dogs seem to love that kind of stuff. The question is, how many dogs are going to have any money to buy the game? Or hands to play it with? Hmm.


WC2 was awesome. Doesn’t hold up that we’ll now due to engine issues (Tie Fighter holds better) but at the time it was astounding and the campaign still does some cool things. I can’t understand how that was a disappointment over WC1 at all.


WC Prophecy was the disappointing one if anything.


Alright, you motherfuckers are going to make me do this.

Now, WC2 might be considered a good game in vacuum… except when you compare it to WC1. Which was incredible. I must have played that game from start to completion a dozen times. You of course remember the branching “storyline”, right? Where you could actually lose the war? I mean look at this -


It was a thing of beauty. You think WC2 had any of that? Right from the Wiki -

Yeah, that sounds awesome. But hey, talking cats and cut scenes! Yaaay…

Also remember the stuff that came in the WC1 box. Claw Marks, and the fold out blue prints of the ships. You think WC2 had any of that? Nope.

Now, it’s been 29 years. So my memory is a little fuzzy. But one thing I remember most about WC2 was how incredibly stupid the story was. If you recall, spoiler alert, one the other pilots, Jazz, betrays you. And by “you” I mean the human fucking species that the Kilrathi are trying to eliminate. Incredibly stupid. But it gets worse.

Near the end of the game there’s a cutscene with Jazz as he, I don’t know, monologues about why he did it. It’s in the brig, right? Haha, no. You see Jazz was a musician. So the cutscene takes place on the rec deck. With Jazz on the piano. A guard stands nearby. It was hilariously dumb. It became a “meme” between me and my friends long before we knew what a meme was. Whenever we saw something stupid we’d say, “It’s fucking Jazz on the piano.”

I also recall the game was laden with technical issues that rendered it nearly unplayable. There was a weird sound glitch that would cause high pitched pings and whines that my friends and I coined, “we lost R2!” because it sounded like the trench run scene.


That mission tree in WC1 was wasted effort. I saw how my older brothers played that game. They kept doing a mission until they won. I bet most people played like that.


/shrug not me. The losing track was a blast.


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I swear every screenshot I’ve seen of this game has something pink in it.


Pink is the new drab grey/brown WWII landscape.


Pink and blue. The apocalypse will be a reboot of Miami Vice. God help us all.


The European pricing for this game is all wrong.

It’s $40 versus 45 euros.

The real conversion is $40 -> 35 euros.