Forspoken - Fantasy Control

I lasted 17 minutes in the demo before getting overwhelming desire to uninstall this blandness.

And if I was Ella Balinska I would sue them for mangling my good looks.


It’s extremely lazy criticism and definitely feels like shorthand for “I want to condemn something without articulating why it’s bad.” The way it’s used you’d think Marvel invented the action comedy, and Whedon invented jokes.

It’s indiscriminately applied to things with vastly different tones and styles of writing. This came up a bunch with Ragnarök, and the writing in that is nothing like an MCU movie. Horizon got it too, which is weird because Aloy is a painfully earnest character, and the furthest thing from the “snark” factory people are claiming is the problem.

I appreciate Austin Walker actually trying to explore what bothers him, but I think his premise is false, and he’s still looking at clips completely out of context.