Fortnite - A New Game by Epic



Is not that I hate this new game mode. Had good progression or rewards, it would be fun. But each game last 40 minutes and give 0 rewards. And you need to play (I think for 14 hours) to unlock your own tier. And it have the problems of the normal game with people AFKing or being bad at the game in a way that hurt other people enjoyement.

This is ridiculous. Epic need a head check if they think this is okay.

Had the progression where x8 times faster and had everyone get rewards for every mission, no matter the level, and had the levels be 30 minutes long has much. It would be a nice addiition to the game.


I am putting this hear to get this off my chest, it was the news image for an article talking about Fortnite suing two of its players or some other nonesense. I kept starting at it because it was making me angrier and angrier.


(I added the yellow line)


Obviously inverse recoil. :)

Soldier with the minigun up top having the same issue. :D


If you play the game, this is exactly how the guns work. I can’t hit the broadside of a barn.


OMG that’s just … wtf? How…? I mean, isn’t like straight lines the first thing you learn in art class?!

That’s awesome.


Aim next to the barn, and you’re good to go…

That being said, now my Overwatch game play is screwed! :)


Still playing this every chance I get. Don’t see many Qt3 folks around, but happy to group up with those who still are playing. I’m in mid-plankerton, power 38, mostly playing the shotgun soldier from the recent event and PowerBASE Knox, but I pull out my headhunter and a sniper rifle now and then too.


Looks like there is a 40% off sale if you want to upgrade to a higher founder pack.


They did add voice chat to Battle Royale mode and it works well. So they have a near-complete PUBG clone now, minus

  • vehicles
  • going prone

Both of which are pretty significant losses, however

  • building walls and stairs anywhere

is definitely a significant improvement and can’t be discounted. If you get stuck in some weird place and come under fire, you can throw up walls and save your ass(es). Or build stairs to get up to some vantage point or just “above” other people to rain down pain on them. It definitely changes the dynamic, and I think in a very interesting way that makes the gameplay better. Because being stuck out in the open and gunned down with zero chance really ain’t fun. Bonus: grenades, grenade launcher, rockets. Guns are reasonably effective at taking down walls too (they are artificially weak in BR mode) but it is not ammo efficient.

I am not convinced losing prone is a big deal, but I do miss vehicles, though. If you get a bad circle, like you are on the opposite end of the map, you have to really haul ass to get there in time. No looting / fighting cutting it close and finding a vehicle. Several times we’ve gotten so engrossed in a local battle we forgot the circle was far away and then that was it for us, even if we won the engagement. For whatever reason, if you are stuck in the storm, there is zero chance of “oh praise rngesus a buggy!” saving you. You’re just done.

I also miss the random hilarity of crazy things and drive-bys that can happen with the extreme mobility that vehicles afford. At least the “movable cover” aspect has a solid equivalent in Fortnite with walls/stairs. I doubt we’ll ever see vehicles in Fortnite, though, because there is zero equivalent anywhere in the game?

While I’m at it, traps are utterly useless in Battle Royale. I don’t know what idiot is going to accidentally run into a trap, especially since traps are ambient noisy as all get-out. Maybe if they made them silent? Even then, the scenarios when traps are useful (someone sees you go in a house and follows you in) are so incredibly narrow and rare.


They need to make them invisible to other players. Perhaps they should only be visible when standing right next to them so you have a chance to avoid them.


Big update today with Halloween themes, limited heroes, weapons, and map, and battle royale seasons and leaderboards.


Not sure if its just me , but the outfits are very meh.


I’ve played 5 rounds of this with a friend. We won our third round. It’s OK I guess? It’s no PUBG.


The halloween map is pretty nifty, a completely unique tileset from what I can tell, and I recommend checking it out. Beware because it is a “defend the 4 spots in this building” mission so don’t place all the spots in the castle until you’ve built good defenses.

Also I got 10 llamas when I logged in so there’s that, I think!


I really enjoy the sense of humor in this game. Ray has me laughing out loud a fair bit with the new quests.


Is this just a battle royale update or is the PvE game the halloween one or is it both?


I know the PvE game got the halloween updates, but am not sure about battle royale. I saw that BR did get leaderboards and seasons, but I don’t play the BR portion so I’m not sure how much more there is.


20 million players. (registered I guess?)


I like the idea of the bush they are going to add. Seriusly fun.


What bush? What?