Forza Horizon 4 - CaRPG in the UK


Winter is cool for a pair of days… seven straight days of it is too much. That’s the problem of server choosing it for you.

In fact it’s even contradictory, as the rest of the game is very pro-player choice.
And you know what, you don’t even win back anything important in exchange of not being able to choose seasons. What do yo win, every player playing in the same season? What does it matter, from what I’ve seen in 45 hours of play, players aren’t racing head-to-head nor doing anything together. It’s 20 players in a server, and it’s 20 players playing at their own, with the exception of the Forzathon, and it isn’t like the Forzathon matters. People that want to play with other play are using the team adventure, and they could just make change seasons for the races that are played, so everyone is in the same page.


This may be closer to my feeling but I know I’m tired of it in way that I never got tired of the base map in 2/3.


I haven’t touched multiplayer (nor do I ever plan to) and I think this is by far the greatest racing game I’ve ever played…


Ugh. I might end up agreeing with @Penny_Dreadful that this is the greatest racing game I’ve ever played, but that low powered Range Rover was no fun. I played with it for about an hour before abandoning.

I switched to a Ford truck and spent 330k credits to spruce it up to S1.

Granted, I’m only at about 500,000 Skill points accumulated on it, so I don’t think I’m going to get to 7 million this week, but at least I’m not puttering around in a low powered Range Rover that has trouble hitting 70 miles an hour.

Edit: Oh yeah, and I’m loving winter this week. I loved sliding around on the frozen lake with high powered sedan, just because.


You were getting 50k CR PER SESSION from your drivatar in H3? Wow. I was never even close to that.

Feelings on the game’s rewards structure are subjective I suppose, but I’ve had no problem with credits at all. Per-race payouts have never been massive, but the game throws so many wheel spins at you that I’ve still been accumulating money at a pretty good clip. VIP Pass would be borderline OP if it was still doubling wheel spin credits, with how many wheel spins you get now - especially the Super Wheelspins, which have CR rewards up to 1 million.

I own all of the houses but the castles, about 200 cars, and I’ve still got a little over 6.5 million CR now. And I’m not doing any sort of grinding (yet).

If you want lots of credits from racing, you can blueprint a race with more laps. This also lets you choose the season for the race, if you want to avoid winter. Watched a guy do a blueprint of 50 laps of the Goliath on YouTube - took him over 7 hours, and he went up over 100 levels at the end, haha (which also meant over 100 wheel spins)…

I don’t mind winter. It’s visually interesting, and the effect of the snow on handling isn’t too severe. I ran the Colossus three times in my Vulcan FE today on Expert, and didn’t even bother with snow tires.

Sorry it sounds like you’re having a less ideal time.


I am still digging it. I tend to enjoy lower powered cars and races. Just more chill. Also winter is challenging but still fun for me.


So the seasons last a realtime week? Maybe that makes everyone pay for more than one month of game pass time. Maybe 8 day seasons would be better for that :)


I started playing other games already. I will play more when season changes and when they update the game, but for now, time to count my stats:

175 cars. 30M in garage value.
Favorite car Lambo Huracan
Most expensive car AM Vulcan FE
144 races. 70 victories 95 podiums.
3.1M in influence
22:35 time driven.
25 hours played in horizon life.
695 skill points obtained.
Top speed 403 km/h


Yesterday I got a message from Xbox Live, giving me the McLaren Senna for playing the demo. This is the cover car for the game, and the car you see when you first boot up the game. It’s very cool, but it’s pretty hard to drive in the snow, even with snow tires on. So I’m really looking forward to testing this thing in the Spring season.

Btw, I ran into that same bug with this week’s weekly challenge. I had my skill points with an offroad vehicle built up to over 900k out of the 7 million required over the last two days. It was still 900k+ when I logged in yesterday, but after I played with my Ford F150 Raptor for a while, it changed to 200k+ out of 7 million. So it must have reset during yesterday’s session for some reason. Grrrrr. After that I gave up on that challenge and tried out the McLaren.


Yeah I got that too! I figured they were trying to convince me I buy the game.


There’s a seasonal challenge that only shows up temporarily sometimes. It showed up on the first day of winter. A giant jump you have to make from the top of a hill. You have to go over 975 feet in the air. It was available to me for a couple of hours on the first day of winter, but then went away while I was still trying to do it!

Anyway, it inexplicably came back yesterday. And it stayed on as an option the whole time I was playing.

My super-souped up Ford F150 Raptor can only make the jump about 760 feet. To get an additional 200+ feet out of the jump, I need a vehicle that can really go up that hill fast and not slow down, and be able to control itself on the snow. It seems impossible.

I did try it with the McLaren Senna, which only made it about 500 feet. It just isn’t controllable enough going up the steep hill, and it’s really bad on the snow portions because it’s so low to the ground.

If that seasonal challenge comes back tonight, I’ll try it with the Subaru WRX '05 that I started the first dirt challenge with. I noticed one of you on my friends list did it in that car, so I know it’s possible to do it in that vehicle somehow.


How is that to drive, btw?


Awful when I got it, but pretty well once I used a user-made tuning (one of the two with most votes).


With the default setup you can barely put the power down in the Vulcan FE in first or second gear. After messing about in the tuning page I got the handling to 10 and now it’s a lot of fun.

With this setup it lacks top speed against the Koenigsegg, but that just makes street races fun, as you win in the corners and then try to hang on in the straights.


How about a souped up buggy? I hate driving my VW buggy because it’s so damn squirrelly, but it does accelerate in the snow as well as anything I have. If I’m doing offroad races I always prefer my Raptor, which handles like a dream.


Thanks for this suggestion. I tried it last night. I did the best that I’ve ever done on that jump.

I got to 892 feet. 3 Stars in 900 feet, so I was only 8 feet short of that. But the seasonal challenge is to do 975 feet, so I was well short of that.

To get 892 feet, I went off the lip of the jump going 132 mph. I really thought that would be enough. I guess to win this challenge you have to be doing about 150mph or more. It really does seem impossible.

I had a lot of fun in that buggy last night making the attempts though.


Vehicle weight is going to play a part in it too… is there a race level weight reduction for the buggy? Some combination of weight reduction, snow tires, and correct vehicle is probably what you need to pull off 975 ft.


I hit 908 on that jump in my Baja Buggy for 3 stars, so it can be done. I think I was going 135 at take off, and that is tricky and took a few attempts.

975 though? It might very well be possible in this thing but you’ll probably need to tune it just right. I got my 3 stars so that’s all the effort I’m putting into it, though!


Thanks for the help folks. Last night I took my Lamborghini Hurican and upgraded it to the tilt (X-999), and tried it with that. I figured it would do better than an upgraded McLaren Senna because the McLaren isn’t AWD like the Hurican is.

And that did the trick, finally. The Lambo rushed up that mountain, and I was able to go over 1000 feet. What was my reward for trying to do this jump for a whole week? Nothing could be worth all this effort right?

Wrong. I got a freakin’ achievement for it! Woohoo! That felt good. It was one of those rare diamond achievements too with the special sound effect.

I figured I had a Danger Sign jump machine on my hands, so I spent the rest of the night traveling to various other Danger Signs and trying to do those jumps as well. I was successful at about 4 of them, but there’s one up North that is just really tough, I can only do a 2 star jump on that one. The Hurican is not good at turning on snow, so I can’t get the speed up fast enough on that jump. I think that 3 star jump will have to wait for Spring.

Luckily, Spring starts today! Nice!

I wish Winter had lasted just a little longer. I’ll miss it.


Hey cool, just got an email from Xbox that says this:

Auf deiner Fahrt durch das historische Großbritannien erlebst du alle Jahreszeiten und unterschiedlichste Straßenbedingungen.

Meistere verwitterte Straßen gemeinsam mit Freunden oder allein - mit über 450 Autos für Rennen, Stunts, Sammler und Tuning.*

Alle Straßen, die du fährst, bringen dich dem Horizon Superstardom näher."

I don’t know what that says, but I’m going to ballpark that it says something like “Hey, you really need to play Forza Horizon 4 already. And set the language to German, you might learn something you ignorant yank.”