Forza Horizon 4 - CaRPG in the UK


I just did the two 26 mile races in the rival street race section. I was so paranoid I was going to crash and not get a clean run and didn’t want to have to redo it right away, so it was a bit stressful.

I’m going to try and get times in each street race. I need to buy some cars first though as I don’t have all needed types. Then I’ll move into the next section that @Rock8man started.


Some of the new achieves are bugged.
I got the ones for all 30 stars on the stories logging in.

They basically give us xp for watching/playing Horizon on Microsoft’s Twitch. It probably wasn’t a good idea… some people have been streaming all day & night for the last 6 months.

I left my computer on one night watching to unlock the troll-y “Please Like and Subscribe!” multiplayer chat. It also gave me 6 levels + Wheelie spins.


I got a couple rivals runs in and that Derwent Reservoir road race is really fun now, @robc04, because our chosen cars are so completely different - you have so much straight line speed and then I have better corner performance, so our runs concertina back and forth over the whole track.


I’ll have to check those out. I’ve been playing a bit of Dirt Rally 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

It’s funny that Derwent Reservoir ended up like that because I generally prefer the better handling cars over speed :-)


I’ll try to look up the Derwent Reservoir tonight. Is it a circular track? I’m really beginning to dislike the point to point races because it takes so long to reset after you make a mistake. At least with the circular track, you just finish the lap and keep going. It’s just kind of frustrating with the point to point ones.


On those you just needs to accept mistakes and maybe drive more cautiously. Depends on the time you’re chasing. Most of my point to point times definitely have room for improvement.


Not much, they don’t. I mean, you slid on that corner, or you weren’t perfect on that corner, but overall you are amazing on a lot of corners where I slow down, but you just speed past me.


Maybe you happen to pick some of my better ones :-)

There are definitely ones that I had larger mistakes. They may be in the second group of rival races, the dirt ones or mixed surface races. I don’t recall what they are called.


I had a solid lead on your Colossus, but then I tapped the wall at the final turn into Edinburgh. Argh :)

Looks like tomorrow’ll have a remix of some of the showcase races. Warthog in Winter, Train in Summer. Not sure if that’d make a big difference, but I think I’ll have fun doing them again.


Those really long ones are super stressful. In the last half I’m paranoid I’m going to make too much contact with something.


This feels like a weird game of tennis.

And, yes, knowing that dinging a wall will invalidate your time is really stressful when the lap is eleven minutes long.


I take it the ball is back in my court? :-)


Indeed. Although I’m not sure I’m getting back in that giant Mercedes truck if you beat me again. That thing is a pig!


That truck is certainly interesting.

I’m pretty sure that you can put up a time on any course that I can’t beat :-)


I actually have a pretty stupid right foot. So anywhere power is significantly greater than traction I’m going to struggle. This is why you’ll find me much more often racing in a Datsun Fairlady than some million dollar Ferrari.


Signing into the game and seeing a"6" in the rivals inbox is both awesome and stressful.

This kind of stuff where our ghosts are practically overlaid for half the lap is great.


Some of our times have been so close - like one of us beats the other by .1 seconds.

I saw you beat the super long race by 15 or 20 seconds. I’m not looking forward to that!


I’ve started getting back into this again recently. I’m NeverDigital on Xbox for anyone still playing that wants to add me. I’ve skimmed through the thread and added a few of you that I didn’t already have.

Guess I need to start doing the rivals stuff. I don’t think I’ve messed with that much, if at all, so far.