Fox News thread of fine journalism


It wasn’t just North Carolina. We were visiting a relative in Arizona and they didn’t have the McMuffin there either with the all day breakfast. It was surprising. If I remember, that’s the dish that they first began their breakfast offerings with way back when.


Christ dude, Dunkin’ has infinitely superior breakfast foods anyway.
Get the bacon-egg-cheese crossaint sandwich. It’s like a heart attack in a box. A delicious heart attack.


I agree with you, completely. However, (<- that’s a large comma) my dragon overlord insisted on McD’s that morning because … reasons. We don’t anger the dragon.

Also, fun fact: Dunkin will put whatever breakfast sandwich you want off their menu on any of their bagels instead. And toast it if you want.


Mmmm… Their sandwiches are so full of grease too.


Well, I had to drive through McD’s this morning to get the McMuffin. That’s what I get for reading Qt3 before work.


You all a buncha saps. My tummy is all fulla Bruegger’s this morning, so I got to have delicious breakfast and not spend half my morning on the john dealing with the fallout.


You guys remind me of the totally groovy chicken and biscuit sandwich at Bojangles. One of the only things I miss from NC.


And they are still awesome. Spicy chicken and greasy made from scratch biscuit. It’s Bo Time.


Living in Northern CA, I miss Dunk’s breakfast sandwiches more than their coffee.



Building up to the Reichstag fire.


At this point, would not be a bit surprised.


We’ve gone from Rush Limbaugh being a niche radio host to this in less than 30 years.



This is sheer insanity. The tragic loaf of molded eggs studded with limp vegetables stuffed between basic bread I had there the last time I tried breakfast at Dunkin was awful. Unless they’ve changed their menu significantly in the last 7-8 years, at least. McDs isn’t the best by a long shot (that’s Hardees, obviously), but it’s totally edible at least.

I hate Bruegger’s solely because they have the stupidest fucking business hours and all the locations around here close at like 2 o’clock.

Bojangles is one of approximately three things that aren’t terrible from NC.

  1. I dunno when it first showed up, but any of their croissant sandwiches are one of the best things you will ever stuff in your face. Go get one right now. It’s a moral imperative.

  2. I dunno what these “vegetable” things you’re talking about are, but they sure as hell aren’t on a good breakfast sandwich. The Croissant sandwich is made of:

  • Croissant which is seemingly 50% butter by weight
  • Some kind of pork product (I like bacon, but their sausage is also good.)
  • Egg
  • Cheese

I dunno what kind of vegetable would be added to that, but I know that it would be wrong.



Whatever I had was a disc of vaguely white egg matter with bright red and green triangles studded throughout it that I think were intended to be some approximation of bell peppers.


The question is, where will Hannity go next?

Here’s the image:


It says a lot about the modern GOP that it’s primary intellectuals these days are imbeciles who barely have a highschool education.


I think you are talking about an egg white omelet? Which, IMHO, is ridiculous anyway. Your fault there.