Fox News thread of fine journalism


Tis the season for manufacture outrage about lack of Christmas stuff.

The cups feature a busy print of holiday favorites like mittens, presents and Christmas trees, and above the logo, two unseen people are holding hands.

Since the cups launched in October, however, people have taken to Twitter with hypotheses that the androgynous hands may belong to a pair of lesbians.


Don we now our gay apparel.


Well played.


Hate to spread FB meme-type posts but this is true.


I’d say that’s more an indictment of the media than Christian Conservatives. Just replace the word outrage with $.





Even on its face the argument makes no sense… They’re like, “This shows its fake, because you see a stage hand in the reflection!”

If it were a stage hand… why the hell would he be freaking dressed in a space suit?


You’re being too logical. Stop thinking with your head and start thinking with your gut, man!


I remember a time when Fox could find their own alien autopsy videos without getting them from the Russians. Sad!


I didn’t realize I was doing 120 in a 65.

Also, I still have a license.


Well what’s the point in having all those numbers on my dashboard if you can never hit the top ones?!


The IRS scandal came to a pathetic, whimpering conclusion earlier this month. For half a decade the scandal had kept delinquent members of Congress occupied and served up reliable programming to Fox News and other conservative media. But when Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen walked out of his office on Nov. 9, of his own volition, on schedule, his fine reputation intact, the whole greasy production quietly expired.

Contrary to the Republican story, the IRS never targeted conservatives. The IRS targeted politics, which was pretty much what it was supposed to do.
In September, the Trump Justice Department reaffirmed the decision of the Obama Justice Department not to prosecute Lois Lerner, the IRS bureaucrat whom Republicans settled on as a criminal mastermind after they had failed to find an exploitable connection to Obama.
“The great thing about it for the Freedom Caucus and Capitol Hill,” Koskinen said of the GOP’s investigative shtick, “was that it could keep going. You start with the substance of the issue and, when that runs out, you go to the process. And when that runs out, you go after the messenger.”


According to the article, it’s a guy with long hair and a waistcoat.

Also, sidebar on that story:


Someone is really paranoid about giant crustaceans.


My favorite thing about it is that they’re specifically conspiracy theory-ing Apollo 17. Now, obviously they are going to read this as calling them all into doubt, but I like the idea that there were 5 other successful moon landings, but that last one, that was just too hard. Let’s just fake #6, boys, and call it a day.


It’s just ridiculous.

Everyone knows you should just film them all back-to-back.


For Fox? More like think with the stuff in your gut.


If this is what passes as “food for thought” for Tomi Lahren, it’s little wonder she is so intellectually emaciated.

Can you imagine the hysterics a post like this would cause if it was a picture of Trump golfing as D-Day rages in the background posted by a known Liberal media personality? Conservatives would be apoplectic.